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Fine, not quite like a jacket. But still, you don’t so much drive Jaebum Choi’s pie-in-the-sky Nissan GT-R-inspired concept as wear it. It’s only 10ft long and 2ft tall – the driver lays on their front, head-first in a starfish-type position, a hand or foot at each corner of the concept’s tiny X-shaped body.

Choi developed the idea for the (X) 2050 while he was an intern at Nissan Design America in California. “Exo-skeletons today make people stronger by wearing mechanical structures. I tried to fit the size of a person’s body as much as I could, as if I were wearing a car,” the South Korean explains. “I wanted to create a new form of machine that is not a vehicle to ride, it is the space where machine and the human become one.”

The driver (and sole occupant) has to wear a special suit, with a helmet that plugs into the car to “help the human brain activate digitalised signals”. That seems to be how you drive it – by thinking it forwards, backwards, left or right. Choi says hooking up your brain to the car’s computer would, in Nissan’s words, “provide better performance than ‘ordinary’ self-driving cars”.

The one-piece wheels/tyres allow it to turn through 360 degrees, and the spokes are designed to keep the brakes cool. There’s active aero that folds away to help the driver climb in or out.

Thoughts, internet?

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