October 3, 2023


Sapiens Digital

Watch People Visiting a Computer Store in 1994

This footage will take you to a computer store in Palo Alto, California back in 1994.

Physicists state that going back in time is nearly impossible; however, that isn’t to say that we can’t travel in time thanks to the amazing power of cameras. In this video, you can experience what it was like to be inside a computer store in Palo Alto, California back in 1994. You can almost smell the old Windows XP computer you had a decade ago while watching the video. 

The story behind the video goes like this: director and cinematographer David Hoffman was working in a Silicon Valley startup called General Magic when this video was captured. Out of the blue, he and his team went to a local computer store in their district and filmed people buying cameras. Hoffman wrote in the description box that he found the shoot “boring” and “put the Beta SP videotape in my archive.”

It was hidden in his archive until the very day he decided to upload it on Facebook. This video shows how technology has come a long way in such short notice. Hoffman wrote, “All of my viewers who were around at that time will remember what computers and printers and keyboards and screens were like and how excited we were just to have a bit more memory. For my younger viewers, I do hope that this seems like ancient history, which in a way, it is.”

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