September 21, 2023


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Volkswagen USA is *not* changing its name to ‘Voltswagen’

Volkswagen of America is not about to change its name to… Voltswagen of America. In an announcement earlier today – two whole days before April Fools’ Day, remember – the company said the apparent rebrand was a “public declaration of the company’s future-forward investment in e-mobility” and would take effect in May.

Turns out, yeah, not so much. Initial scepticism – that this is an April Fools’ Day joke gone too far – was followed by reports that the whole thing was just a marketing scheme to drum up interest in VW’s efforts in electrification.

The prank started circulating yesterday when several US news outlets spotted a draft press release that had been mistakenly uploaded to VW’s media site. It was quickly removed, but the company doubled down with a statement from Scott Keogh, president and CEO of ‘Voltswagen’ of America.

“We might be changing out our K for a T, but what we aren’t changing is this brand’s commitment to making best-in-class vehicles for drivers and people everywhere,” he said. “The idea of a ‘people’s car’ is the very fabric of our being. We have said, from the beginning of our shift to an electric future, that we will build EVs for the millions, not just millionaires. This name change signifies a nod to our past as the peoples’ car and our firm belief that our future is in being the peoples’ electric car.”

Face, meet palm.

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