December 6, 2023


Sapiens Digital

Trying to understand four-dimensional Minecraft broke my brain


Human beings are very good at navigating three-dimensional space. After all, that’s how the real world works. But try and add an extra dimension to something as simple as even, say, Minecraft, and suddenly things take a sharp turn into the confusing.

Confusing, then, is how I’d describe 4D Miner. Available as a free demo on Steam, developer Mashpoe’s extradimensional take on Minecraft is a lot to get your head around, even after following a brief tutorial that explains the concept of dimensionality by way of a cute frog.

2D frog in a 3D world

(Image credit: Mashpoe)

The playable tutorial introduces the concept of rotating through dimensions by showing you a 2D platformer, with a visualisation of how that “slice” of the world is representative of a greater 3D space. Scroll the mouse wheel, and that slice will rotate, changing the 2D view.


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