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Mercedes-Benz has revealed a new concept it is calling the ‘EQT’, which is shorthand for ‘fully electric small van’. You might also consider it shorthand for ‘fully desirable electric family wheels’. Or something.

Welcome then, to the upcoming Mercedes-Benz T-Class, previewed by this lovely concept. And though it’s fully electric – EQ being Merc’s electric sub-brand – there’ll likely be petrol and diesel versions available too. 

We can only hope the styling of the ‘near-series-production’ concept carries over into the ‘really-final-series-production’ van, because it’s very easy on the eye. There’s a big, flat, star-patterned face with sharp, narrow LED headlights, and good proportions in its overall silhouette.

A panoramic roof features, while inside it’s really very straightforward; old-fashioned, perhaps, considering Merc’s recent adventures in interior structure and design. There’s no 78-hectare flat-panel screen with mood-sensing technology and the ability to send WhatsApp messages to Mars. Instead, there’s but a simple dash layout for the driver with two circular dials: one for the speedo, the other for charge. There are physical climate control click wheels, ACTUAL BUTTONS and a small, high-res display perched atop the central dashboard. 

In this MPV guise, those sliding doors reveal seating for up to seven people, though as with vehicles like this, it’s infinitely configurable. “It will appeal to families and all those private customers, whatever their age, who enjoy leisure activities and need a lot of space and maximum variability,” explains Merc’s van boss Marcus Breitschwerdt.

It’ll be launched next year, so expect more information in due course. Still want that SUV?

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