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Last month we introduced you to the Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC). Based in Cornwall, it’s developed an off-the-shelf EV platform to help cottage-industry carmakers go electric. Now to show everyone what said platform is capable of, WEVC has used it to build its own car. 

Simply called the ‘Coupe’, you can order one of the 21 Launch Edition models now for £81,250. The final car will be revealed this summer, then the plan is for production to commence at WEVC’s HQ in Cornwall in November. The first cars should reach customers in early 2022. 

The company claims the rear-wheel drive two-seater is “an engaging, real-world sports car” that “puts the driver first, majoring on carefully-honed ride, handling and steering characteristics”. It’s supposed to have a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution and weigh less than a tonne, meaning it only needs a 160bhp e-motor (mid-mounted) to see-off 0-62mph in just over five seconds. A 40kWh battery is projected to power the coupe for around 230 miles between recharges. 

You’ll have noticed it looks a bit like a Porsche 356, but WEVC says “all exterior surfaces are subtly different to optimise aerodynamic efficiency”. 

Company founder Neil Yates said: “With our debut vehicle we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast accelerating, but heavy electric supercars.

“With double wishbone suspension, 16-inch wheels and 60-profile tyres, it has a comfortable ride, excellent steering response and a handling balance that is entertaining and exploitable, rather than chasing outright lateral grip.”

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