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This is an electric bike unlike any we’ve yet seen. “Avionica VM disrupts the standard way to ride a bike with its unique and striking form built to be reliable and withstand time,” says the bumf. It’s the most hipster-y piece of transport ever, says us.

Just 52 will be made and it sits somewhere between the worlds of pedal bikes and motorbikes. An electric motor provides 7bhp but a more relevant 92lb ft of torque, enabling a 36mph top speed and range of up to 75 miles. You can charge it back up in a couple of hours via domestic plug socket or even USB.

But what’s most interesting is when you run out with no sockets at all nearby. This bike still has pedals “to get back home the old-fashioned way”. That’s one way to beat range anxiety…

We’d forgive you if you bought one just to plonk in front of your pop-up kombucha bar, though. It’s a brilliant looking thing, a mix of traditional craftmanship and new-fangled 3D printing. So you’ve a wooden box that houses the battery and immobiliser complemented by a frame made from corrosion-resistant chromium-molybdenum steel.

“It takes approximately six months to design and produce an Avionics electric bike with the longest and most demanding stage in the process being the electronics and the shortest assembling the bike, which takes a week,” says the company.

And if you’re not sold on biking, then fear not. This is just the beginning for Avionics, with a plane apparently also on their to-do list. Probably without a pedal-powered failsafe, though…

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