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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 trio supports 120Hz screen refresh rate, the company’s first phones to go over 60Hz. But unlike other phones with high refresh rate screens, there’s no middle ground – it’s 120Hz or 60Hz. That’s the case officially, but it turns out that the phones have a hidden 96Hz option.

It can be enabled via ADB, but XDA forums member SatySatsZB created a much more convenient solution – an app you can download from here. It places two toggles in your status bar that let you switch between 96Hz and 120Hz.

It places quick toggles in the notification area

The S20 Refresh Rate Controller app • It places quick toggles in the notification area

Note that like the 120Hz mode, only 1080p+ resolution is supported at 96Hz. You can use TestUFO to verify that the refresh rate changed. Presumably, the 96Hz mode uses less battery power than 120Hz, but that hasn’t been tested yet.

Our testing showed that the Galaxy S20 Ultra and S20+ lost 10 hours of Endurance rating by going from 1440p/60Hz to 1080p/120Hz, the Galaxy S20 lost 7 hours.

Anyway, another thing to consider is that some Reddit users report issues with the unofficial 96Hz mode on Exynos-powered versions of the S20 phones while others say it works fine. As with all unofficial workarounds, you proceed at your own risk.


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