November 30, 2023


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The Jaguar XE is now ever so slightly hybrid

Mild-hybrid. An odd phrase, but one we ought to get comfortable with. For everything from Suzuki Swifts to E-Class AMGs now utilise the technology.

As does the very slightly updated Jaguar XE. The British 3 Series rival only comes with four-cylinder engines, nowadays – the lovely old V6 version gone – but with a little squirt of electrification, the diesel version now produces over 200bhp.

It also boasts 58.5mpg fuel consumption and emits just 127g/km of CO2. For a posh saloon with pretty deft handling, those are strong numbers. And achievable ones, given this isn’t a plug-in hybrid with potentially unrealistic test figures, rather a car whose electrification will likely be a little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it.

It’s your only diesel option on the XE nowadays, while if you want petrol, there’s 250bhp and 300bhp versions, the latter now the only iddy biddy Jag to come with all-wheel drive. Prices start at a smidge below £30,000, which feels like value in a world where a base Ford Focus costs £22k.

Will a dose of hybridisation encourage people to choose the fine-driving XE over the its more established German rivals? Or, indeed, other leftfield choices like the Alfa Giulia and Flintoff-approved Volvo S60? Let us know what you think below…

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