September 25, 2023


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The Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body

Headphones are great while listening to something we are into, but they can come with a heavy price. The isolation they provide can be dangerous when you have to walk across the road, where it is crucial to hear any instant car noise. Moreover, while listening to your favorite playlists at work, you may not want to close yourself to the rest of your colleagues. 

If that’s the case, we have some great news for you. Sentien Audio takes the bone conduction technology to excellence without any compromises, as you can easily listen to anything you want without sharing it with anybody. Meanwhile, it keeps your ears open and makes you feel like there is no headset on your head at all.  

Specially built to fit your head

Sentien developed one of the finest examples of bone-conduction audio headset technology: Sentien Audio. Once your Sentien Audio headset is on, you can listen to anything you want and keep it to yourself, while being a hundred percent able to hear anything through your ears. 

The Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body
Source: Sentien/Kickstarter

“Sorry, my headphones are on,” will no more be an excuse for you, which is a trivial sacrifice in the face of all the benefits and comfort that will come with Sentien Audio. Mentioning comfort, say goodbye to those ear fatigues and pains that a heavy headset or earplugs give you. Sentien Audio has none of those negativities. 

You will hardly notice the weight of Sentien Audio, which weighs only 1.05oz (30 grams). Despite its lightweight, the nickel-titanium alloy frame offers durability and water resistance thanks to ultrasonically welded plastic joints, over-molded plastic components, and IP55 protection rate.

No matter what you do, Sentien stays on 

Sentien Audio is designed to fit the shape of your head with its ergonomic shape and adjustable titanium bands, offering great comfort. The special headset was designed through studies conducted on human anatomy and anthropometry and is built to make sure it fits all head shapes and stays on under any circumstances. 

The Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body
Source: Sentien/Kickstarter

So once you put it on, it stays there. Unless you move too fast, lie down, or lean into it, you won’t have a problem with keeping them where they are. So feel free to take them to your dance class, because the moment you finish your tango, you will still be listening to your favorite audiobook. 

Optimized microphone quality for any call 

Sentien Audio offers you a high-quality microphone experience in any call you conduct. Its noise-canceling microphones reduce any undesirable noise around you, so even if your lovely dog loves barking while you speak during meetings, your voice will be delivered at excellent quality. And all of this is possible without even a boom microphone, which is a benchmark of Sentien Audio, using Airpods’ speech quality. 

The RF-shielded MEMS microphone has 64.5dB(A) capacity, low distortion of 2.2 percent at 115dB SPL, and low current consumption of 230uA in low power mode.  

Go all day with long-lasting battery

Sentien Audio has 24+ battery life, meaning it doesn’t stop until you decide to stop listening. Even if you like listening to metal music, this won’t be a problem since its battery can play any sound at full volume for ten hours straight. 

The Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body
Source: Sentien/Kickstarter

Under normal use, you can get up to 72 hours of listening time. The large battery also ensures longevity, so that it doesn’t become obsolete after two years, like most headsets. You will still have your 24-hour performance.  

Plus, one hour is all it takes to charge the lithium polymer battery of Sentien Audio to full capacity, via your 3.28 ft (1 meter) USB-C, which is also included in your purchase. 

Connect to anything you want

Sentien Audio is fully configurable and customizable after you use Sentien Connect app. It is compatible with both IOS and Android, and controllable via six intuitive gestures. Sentien Audio gets updated over the air and stays connected to any source as long as you want, offering you full software support. 

The Headset That Fits Just Like a Part of Your Body
Source: Sentien/Kickstarter

Another plus is that Sentien Audio connects with the voice assistant of your smartphone, so you can simply tell it the next thing you want to do. This makes your AI assistant available to you at all times, without you having to be very close to your smart speakers or having earphones on. 

Sentien Audio uses tri-core processing dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0, offering you a maximized range and speed in connection. Its Kalimba DSP core has a flexible clocking rate from 2MHz to 120 MHz. 

The audio set of the digital age 

Sentien Audio is made with the vision to design the audio set of the digital age, where development doesn’t stop and adaptation is the name of the game. Both as hardware and software, it is designed to serve you under real-life circumstances, making sure you can listen to anything while keeping it to yourself and having your ears open to the voices around you. 

Sentien’s vision is to transform headsets into an everyday item that you wear, just like your wristwatch, and forget about its existence unless you happen to use it. This maximizes the efficiency of the headset technology, making it almost like a body part that can play any audio that you want. 

This is the main premise of Sentien: Giving you a brand new superpower. Sentien invites you to become a part of this transformation by buying your own Sentien Audio by clicking here and supporting Sentien for further innovations in the field of human-computer interaction technology.  

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