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Cable TV has been around shortly since the invention of television. Initially, there were just a few television stations, mostly state-owned that broadcasted through TVs. It was possible to just tune in with your normal television and its antenna and you would get the channel. With time, private companies started to have televisions and it would be too expensive to tell an individual to subscribe to as many as the channels they are interested in. Cable TV companies came up and bought rights (sometimes exclusively in a country or region) to broadcast the content of that television company. However, there seems to be a threat to cable TV in recent times as streaming networks are springing up and becoming more popular to go, coupled with the advent of smart TVs that could easily connect to the Internet. This article will discuss the 3 possible futures of cable TV alongside the author’s opinion about each option.

The continued dominance of Cable TV

In the past, everybody depended on watching everything movies on their television and most games were also played on the television until the computer came. By the time the company became personal and, most people could now have computers at home, most of them were playing games and watching movies on computers while the television was left majorly for news and other cable television program. It was during these periods that cable TV had a lot of dominance and virtually everybody interested in watching a lot of private channels of different genres subscribed to cable TVs that provided access to many channels of different genres.

Part dominance for Cable TV and Streaming networks

It is safe to say that we are currently in the period where cable TV and streaming networks are enjoying almost the same level of popularity. The invention of smartphones and fast internet connections led to a significant number of people watching most movies and other programs online, while only returning to watch the news and some other programs on television. Two major issues are still making cable TV to be a bit popular. They include the fact that smart TVs are not very much widely known and the fact that Internet services can sometimes disappoint and are still a bit expensive. A lot of people now subscribe to streaming networks like vontronix since they can watch with a single subscription across their phone, computer, and smart TVs.

The dominance of Streaming networks

In the nearest future, by the time 5G or a higher version of internet connectivity has become the norm and probably every network providing unlimited Internet for a cheap fee, everybody would move to smart TVs and would prefer to subscribe to online streaming platforms that would be cheaper than subscribing for cable TV, knowing they would still have to subscribe to the Internet anyways for their other online activities. Thus, they would just share their mobile network through hotspot to their television and they can start watching the streaming networks. Even when they are out of subscription for streaming network, they would easily watch Youtube, Facebook videos and videos from other free platforms that they would not be able to exhaust for years even as new ones are regularly uploaded.