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The first Ford Mach-Es arrive in Europe early next year. But if going fast is your thing, you may want to wait a little longer for the Mach-E GT.

Set to land late next year, the flagship version of Ford’s first ground-up EV has twin e-motors for all-wheel drive and a very healthy 459bhp. That means 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds (with a US-style one foot rollout), which Ford says equals its arch rival, the Tesla Model Y.

Range sounds good too – Ford is targeting up to 310 miles if you behave halfway sensibly. It says a normal all-wheel drive Mach-E should manage 335 miles of range, while the most efficient rear-wheel drive model could achieve up to 379 miles.

The GT gets MagneRide adaptive suspension, 20‑inch alloy wheels, red-painted brake callipers and is available in special ‘Grabber Blue’ and ‘Cyber Orange’ paint colours. Inside you get sports seats and a suede-wrapped steering wheel.

All Mach-Es get a massive 15.5-inch HD display and ‘Intelligent Range’ tech that claims to more accurately predict remaining range using your driving style, the weather and crowdsourced info from other cars.

You’ll also get five years’ free access to the FordPass Charging Network, which lets you find, navigate to and pay for public charging (at more than 155,000 charging stations around Europe) with a single app.

Mach-E owners will also get a year’s free access to the Ionity network of fast chargers. Ford estimates a 150kW charger could add up to 73 miles of range in ten minutes for a rear-drive, extended-range Mach-E.

Prices for the Mach-E start at just over £40k. A big-battery AWD weighs in at almost £60k, and we think it’s safe to assume the GT will cost a wee bit more than that.

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