February 22, 2024


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The Best Tech Tools for Small Business in 2022


Every small business owner sometimes feels like they don’t have enough hours in their day. In fact, according to a recent survey, most small business owners spend up to 68% of their time on marketing, administrative tasks, and managing operations…instead of strategic planning that would help their business grow. Thankfully, some of the best tech tools for small businesses have rushed in to answer this need!

And with such full days, small business owners are likely to become pretty exhausted and overwhelmed. Luckily, over the last couple of years, there’s been some technological advances that could potentially streamline daily operations.

But since there are so many available options available, we must sift out the ones that bring value to your business. Consequently, we’ve listed some of the best tech tools for small business owners in 2022.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

CRM tools are critical business tools for small businesses. They offer a central repository that comes in handy in tracking, managing, and measuring touchpoints of your customer relationship.

There’s a wide range of CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive that ensure customer interactions and experiences are all up to standard.

But before you choose a specific CRM tool, remember that each software meets particular needs. As a result, research and understand the needs of your specific business structure. Additionally, some of the best tech tools for small businesses could double up as sales tools.

2. Project Management Tools

Project management tools have always been great for assigning tasks, managing resources, and keeping track of project deadlines. They simply ensure you deliver each project successfully.

Small business operators have to juggle a lot, and investing in a project management tool helps to ensure things don’t slip through the cracks.

Trello stands out as one of the most reliable project management tools. That’s because it offers a visual and flexible way of managing projects. Trello has Kanban style boards that come with cards. In essence, the cards represent tasks that contain a list of how to track the progress of a project.

3. Email Marketing Tools

Every small business owner needs email marketing tools.

With these email marketing systems, you will have an easier time keeping your email subscribers up to date on promotions and special offers you are running and other latest happenings in your business.

Besides that, you will also find that most of these tools will let you auto-generate email newsletters to your social media channels. As a result, that eases the load of making email newsletters all on your own.

One of the leading email marketing tools is Mailchimp. It’s hands down one of the best tech tools for email business in 2022 as it provides A/B testing, behavioral targeting, and advanced segmentation. Additionally, this email marketing tool offers granular campaign metrics and analytics reports.

4. Website Monitoring Tools

A website is always like the front door to a business. As a small business owner, I bet you’ve invested some top dollar in making your website as user-friendly and attractive as possible.

While that’s essential, you must know who’s using your website and which parts of it are maybe getting the most/least traffic.

Luckily, a wide range of website monitoring tools offers you insights that help you know the areas that need necessary adjustments and improvements. One of the influential website monitoring tools small business owners will use in 2022 is Google Analytics. This has stood out as one of the best tech tools for small business owners as it gives you a detailed report of your sources of traffic.

On top of that, Google Analytics functions extend beyond simple revenue reporting. Similarly, it further shows you how different product categories are doing in the marketplace and how you can improve your checkout process to convert more visitors into sales.

5. Electronic Signature Tools

As a small business owner, you will appreciate having an e-signature tool. It’s useful when signing agreements and contracts.

The process is usually very straightforward. You upload documents and add the email address of those you’d like to sign and the recipient will receive the copy.

Docusign stands out as one of the best and most popular e-signature tools for small business owners in 2022. The best part about this tech tool is that it comes with an option that helps you assign due dates for certain signatures and send reminders automatically to parties who haven’t added their signatures yet.

The best part is that e-signature tools offer a paperless solution. Therefore, it seamlessly supports geographically remote and dispersed workplace environments.

Best Tech Tools for Small Business in 2022: Summary

There’s a wide range of the best tech tools for small business owners in 2022. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

Of course, many factors will influence the tech tools you choose for your small business. All the same, you must understand the value these tools provide.

They make it possible to automate much of the time and effort that goes into performing mundane tasks. Essentially, these tech tools help small business owners work smarter while ensuring the continuous growth of their businesses.


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