December 6, 2022


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The Best Gadget of 2021

85 cool gadgets: Our pick of the best new tech for 2021 - BBC Science Focus  Magazine

Briiv, pronounced “Breath”, is an air purifier unlike any other. Air purifiers are now a necessity in several parts of the world. They are simple to use, requiring no subscription of any sort, and effective. Air quality has seen a steady dip throughout the years, which may lead to respiratory diseases. 

The environment is continuously strained. Our industries and activities produce several pollutants which damage the earth and our own well-being. From power consumption of telecom companies to cooking in our homes, everything impacts the environment.

So, in these circumstances, how do you keep your personal space fresh and clean? 

About Briiv

What makes Briiv unique is its innovative approach of combining purification and nature. While plants are natural air purifiers, they require attention and care that not everyone can provide. 

Briiv provides an artful solution. It packs the purifying power of 3043 houseplants. Woah!

The company boasts 100% renewable materials used in production, helping reclaim the environment.


This new air purifier is packed with useful features which are sure to impress.

  • Design

            The design is definitely a wow factor. This minimalist purifier features a glass terrarium in which the natural filters are stacked. Its aesthetic is of a small forest that you can carry around with you. It is also compact, not taking up too much space.

  • Biodegradable filters

            The key feature of this purifier is the all-natural, bio-degradable filters stacked in layers. It consists of four layers, which are:

  1. Moss– absorbs allergens like dust and pollen
  2. Coconut (husk)- traps harmful substances like bacteria and mould spores)
  3. Carbon (activated charcoal)- soaks up odour and harmful gases present in the air
  4. Sheep (wool)- this is the main layer, and NASA approved. It removes nanoparticles from the air- and was used in the Orion capsule by NASA.
  • Compatible & Integratable

The filter is compatible with smartphones to time it’s running period. It works with iOS and Android devices. It can also be integrated into smart homes. The setup of this device is simple and easy.

  • Energy Efficient

This air purifier is sustainable in every way. It cuts energy consumption waste by requiring a lower power input. It only requires a 5V supply, resulting in a yearly cost of about £2.02.

  • Purifying Power

            It may require low power, but it is highly efficient. This eco-friendly air purifier can clean 36m^2 within an hour. It removes pollutants with an efficiency of 97.84%. This number is only slightly lower than that of HEPA, 97.92%. 

While there might be a slight difference in efficiency, there is a monumental difference in sustainability. HEPA filters are non-recyclable, and the plastic can take thousands of years to compose. Keeping this damaging implication in mind, Briiv stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative.


While there are many new gadgets and technologies released every year, sustainability must be kept in mind. Improving your space’s air quality is essential for your health and productivity. Briiv provides the solution to improving air quality with the help of nature. It is one of the few devices the positively contributes to mother nature and deserves your consideration.