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Pininfarina is preparing a very special version of a car that most sentient beings would describe as ‘really very bloody special’ already. It will be a limited volume, more ‘dynamic’ version of the 1,900bhp Battista, and it will be called the ‘Anniversario’.

You’ll see it at the Geneva Motor Show – or on the Internet, if Switzerland proves a bit of a stretch – where it’ll be the centrepiece of Pininfarina’s stand. Just five will be built, and each Anniversario (celebrating 90 years of Pininfarina) will come with a ‘heritage livery’, plus a new aero package that promises ‘enhanced dynamic abilities’.

‘Enhanced dynamic abilities’ sounds… punchy. Not least if thine soft, squidgy brain is still trying to reconcile a really rather delectable body with the notion that underneath lurks a 1,900bhp electric drivetrain intent on carving out great lumps of your senses. It’ll do 0-62mph in less than two seconds, and 0-186mph in less than 12, for goodness sake.

We’re informed that early tests of the Battista have resulted in the hypercar hitting 80 per cent of its performance capability. Development driver Nick Heidfeld – who’s raced pretty much anything you care to think of – is the man in charge of ensuring it goes as well as it shows.

So, to recap: pointy, much speed, also pretty. After all, it’s a Pininfarina. “80 or 90 per cent of the key buying reason for a Pininfarina road car will be aesthetics,” Automobili Pininfarina boss Michael Perschke told TG a while back.

“It will be beauty.” Stay tuned for the big reveal and loads more info…

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