November 30, 2023


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Teen opens tech store in Waterville


WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) – A new tech store in Waterville is open for business.

Expert technicians at the store include 14-year-old Parker Redlevske, who is also the owner.

“At Techy, we offer high quality preowned electronics such as Apple, iMacs,” said Redlevske.

Redlevske owns and operates Techy, a storefront he is all too familiar with.

“When this was Verizon, my mom met my stepfather here and they started dating and I was here a lot when I was 5,” said Redlevske.

Little did he know that asking to go to a business conference with his stepfather would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

“He ended up going to this conference that kids don’t normally go to. He was talking to the adults, networking. He was fearless,” said Jonathan Irwin, stepfather.

Fearless indeed.

Redlevske was asked to get on the stage at the conference where he crowdfunded $1,800 by offering to do what he does best, fixing peoples phone.

“The video of that went viral and the owner of Techy, Tim reached out,” Irwin said.

But that was just the beginning. Redlevske still had to raise money for the franchise fee and other cost to start a business.

“He was fixing devices, making videos online, we were paying him commission,” Irwin said.

All while homeschooling and of course, being a teenager, the repair shop eventually opened its doors.

Redlevkse says he hopes to inspire others to take a step towards their goal.

“Find what you love doing and turn that into a job,” Redlevske said.

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