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5 tech tips all business owners should consider in 2019 • TheTechieGuy  Liron Segev

When you’re new to being a business owner, you can take all the help you can get.  Finding ways to incorporate the assistance of the best of today’s technology will grant you the help you seek.  

Tech is an entrepreneur’s best friend, and it can help you manage nearly every aspect of your operation.  Take a few moments to dive into some research, and check out this brief overview of some helpful tech tips aimed towards new business owners.  

Use cloud storage to reduce IT overhead 

Running a business means that it’s always in your best interest to keep running costs low.  Saving money on IT costs is a big way to cut the budget a little.  Technology is a great thing, and it doesn’t have to cost your business a small fortune to keep up with the times.  

Learn to incorporate cloud technology, and you can save thousands on IT costs every month.  Cloud storage also gives you the opportunity to access your information from anywhere at any time.  

Refine your business website 

Your business website will serve as a bridge between your business and your digital audience, so it’s important to make sure everything is just right with your design.  Designing for simplicity is crucial.  

One of the most useful design elements is a stationary navigation bar.  This site offering t-shirts for injured veterans makes it easy to see what they have to offer with a simple standard navigation bar at the top of the page.  

Take the time for social media

Digital marketing can become a huge job to maintain, so take it easy with your social media presence.  Sometimes less is more.  Instead of trying to run four different social media profiles for the business, cut it down to two.  

Give yourself plenty of time to devote to posting quality content, so you don’t need four different profiles to generate the interest you are looking to find.  

Always keep your software up to date

You’ll need the best software on the market to help manage the record-keeping and other data regarding your business workings.  

Financial software is some of the most important technology you’ll need working for you.  Always stay on top of the latest updates and releases, and make sure you have the best software available working towards your cause.  

Email marketing is important

From the very beginning of your business launch, you should be invested in building a large email mailing list for future marketing efforts.  

Email connections are a solid line of communication between your business and your target market.  Use your digital presence to gather email addresses from willing consumers, and work hard to maintain regular contact with your listings.