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New Virus Trap Technology Neutralizes Viruses With ‘DNA Origami’

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) developed a new treatment method that traps viral infections, rendering them harmless, a press statement reveals. Using a “DNA origami” method, the researchers built nano-capsules tailored from genetic material that can neutralize viruses by capturing them. The DNA origami method essentially programs DNA to fold into three-dimensional, triangular […]

Highschool Of Computer Systems And Technology

Indian specialists in collaboration with UK-Based Loughborough University consultants developed a unique mobile based mostly well being monitoring system in 2005. This system makes use of cell phone service for transmission of affected person vital data similar to...

BioNTech Now Aims Its mRNA Technology at Cancer

Buoyed by the success of its mRNA technology against COVID-19, BioNTech is now focused on its cancer vaccines. The company recently began dosing patients for its Phase II trial for an advanced melanoma vaccine in the European Union.BioNTech calls itself a...