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The designers of Kuube, a Hungarian startup, have created an eco-friendly, useful smart bench that provides WiFi, charging ports, and a display screen — all powered by its solar panels. All you have to do is sit and relax on it.

Kuube’s “smartbench” comes in three sizes, and is designed mostly for city centers. Each design comes equipped with more or less the same offerings, mostly differing in size. 

All come with USB ports, wireless chargers, and a WiFi hotspot function. All three smartbenches charge up thanks to solar panels, which makes them easily movable. 

Three eco-friendly smartbenches

First off is the Kube Eco, the smallest of the three benches. It’s a three-seater that comes equipped with two USB ports and one wireless charger. Just like the other two bench sizes, it has unlimited internet access thanks to its WiFi hotspot. 

The bench continuously monitors its environment, such as changes in UV levels, humidity, or air pressure — displaying them on its monitor for those interested. It has the largest of the display screens out of the three bench options.

Then comes the Kuube Nano, the middle child of the three smartbenches that can seat up to four people and comes with all the same offerings as the Kube Eco, except for a smaller display screen. 

And finally comes the largest option of the trio, the Kuube Plus. This smartbench offers more of a group, or family seating style and can accommodate up to eight people. It offers four charging options via USB or wireless.

The three eco-friendly benches all have an aluminum chassis that’s recyclable, tempered safety glass, and are made from natural ash wood for the seating sections. 

Kuube is clearly an ethically- and sustainability-focused startup that’s combining design and technology to make cities and parks even more accessible for everyone. 

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