December 6, 2023


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Moving a Hot Tub efficiently – 5 Tips to Be aware of

A hot tub a.k.a. an in-house spa, is awe-inspiring until there’s the need to remove it due to many issues such as mechanical failure or extreme damage to the unit. While it’s thrilling to bring in an outdoor hot tub inside, it can be extremely demanding and difficult to remove. Most people think that they can handle it themselves, with the help of additional hands. However, they do not know that hot tubs weigh hundreds of pounds and are too much for beginners!

Employing a professional hot tub removal company to move your hot tub is the best method to accomplish hot tub removal effectively and easily, without unnecessary injury while removing your hot tub. But in case you feel like DIY-ing it, make sure you follow these steps to remove it successfully.

1. Arrange for Materials
You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to last minute gather your neighbors and friends to help remove your hot tub. It requires a lot of planning and preparation, beginning by arranging the necessary materials. The most crucial things you’ll require to transport your hot tub are straps for moving as well as two furniture dollies, wood pieces, measuring tools and cleaning equipment. The items listed are readily available at local stores for home improvement, and this shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you inquire at the store about the capacities of the dollies for weight-bearing to ensure that they won’t break when you’re using them.

2. Get Your Moving Truck Prepared
Making sure your truck is ready prior to the removal of your hot tub is crucial. You must ensure that the truck which you’re planning to employ is suited to the dimensions and weight of the hot tub. Moving a hot spa comes with lots of work, and that’s why hiring experts to help move your hot tub is highly suggested.

3. Always have help available
You’re not able to move your hot tub by yourself. A part of planning is having professional help ready to ensure that you don’t need to look around last minute for someone who could assist you. Thus, you should be prepared before you begin the process of moving your new hot tub.

4. Be aware of your surroundings
Examining your surroundings prior to moving the hot tub is essential to ensure that the move can be done. Based on the location you’d like to relocate the hot tub (downstairs or upstairs to a new home) and the path you’ll take (across the backyard, upstairs and so on. ) It is important to determine if DIY hot-tub removal is actually feasible.

5. Removal of the Hot Tub
After you’ve got everything laid out and mapped out, it’s time to take your hot tub out of the room. Start by disconnecting your hot tub and all cords and wires, and then put them in a secure place. Then, based on what model you have, flush all the water to then prepare it for being removed and relocated.

Moving a hot tub, is not an easy job. It’s very complex and technically demanding, which is the reason why most individuals choose to employ a professional hot tub removal company to move their hot tubs and is the best option. Moving your hot tub on your own is challenging, but not impossible. The tips above can assist you in moving your hot tub in a timely manner!