September 26, 2023


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Microsoft Partners With ZEISS – Data-Driven Healthcare?

Microsoft Corp. and Zeiss Group have announced a multi-year strategic partnership to advance the latter’s transformation into a cloud-first digital services provider, according to a press release from Microsoft.


Microsoft, Zeiss team up for cloud-first healthcare computing

Once it standardizes its processes and equipment on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, ZEISS will possess the ability to give customers enhanced digital experiences — in addition to changing market needs more efficiently, improving productivity.

ZEISS aims to use Azure’s high-performance for AI, computing, and IoT services — which will help it to work with Microsoft to offer new management tools to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), according to PR Newswire. This partnership will also help ZEISS offer energy-efficient microchips, enhanced treatments and device maintenance, in addition to improved clinical workflows.

ZEISS aims to offer its customers a seamless experience through a singular platform capable of managing all digital ZEISS products using one cloud-native platform — enhancing agile and continuous product development.

Real-time, large-scale data analysis to integrate with IoT processes

Microsoft’s worldwide datacenter regions work to address the needs of ZEISS customers without sacrificing security, resiliency, or privacy standards, according to the release. ZEISS hopes to build on Microsoft’s experience with software development — to increase its digital capabilities while also enhancing Microsoft’s customer-driven product improvement.

At first, ZEISS will apply its cloud-first approach to Industrial Quality & Research segment — to run on a quality platform on Azure. This will help it integrate into the customer’s production process. Fostering collaboration across different domains, processes, and assets that were typically managed in siloed and proprietary systems, the new platform will also help the companies accrue business insights.

Real-time, large-scale analysis of data amassed at every stage of manufacturing processes will be key for ZEISS’ aim to offer effective, efficient quality assurance, “tightly integrated with today’s and tomorrow’s IoT-enabled production processes,” read the release.

Data-first healthcare services to enhance patient care

Zeiss’s medical technology offers tools for microsurgeons and ophthalmic professionals — including devices, consumables, implants, and services. Partnered with Microsoft, ZEISS aims to connect medical technology to Microsoft’s cloud to leverage IoT technologies and Azure AI — offering new digital services like improved clinical workflows, improved treatments, and security- and compliance-friendly device maintenance to stay up to par with regulatory requirements of the health industry.

“Zeiss is driving innovations across industries to improve the quality of individual lives and create industrial efficiencies by overcoming data silos and integrating digital experiences,” said Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud + AI. “Harnessing the power of Microsoft’s cloud, AI and IoT services, ZEISS is transforming into a leading digital services provider.”

With more professionals providing healthcare services remotely than ever before amid the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, it’s interesting to note how major tech juggernauts like Microsoft are partnering up to expand cloud-based customer management software — bringing data-driven and AI services to healthcare in ways we’ve never seen before.

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