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Lister might be about to start work on an electric hypercar. Because obviously.

On Sunday, while you lot were in bed, it tweeted a render of a low-slung, very Jaguar-y-looking hypercar with the caption “A Storm is coming…”, no doubt referencing the tremendous V12-engined Lister Storm of the early Nineties. Beneath the image itself you’ll see the words “Lister EV super car [sic] research”. No, we didn’t just pluck that headline out of thin air…

The new render is quite different from the old Storm – a blocky, wonderfully Nineties GT that, at the time, had the biggest V12 engine fitted to a road car since World War Two. The racers competed against Mercedes CLK GTRs, 922 GT1s and so-on, and were never massively successful.

Since the current owners took over in 2013, Lister has mainly been tuning Jaguar F-Types, though now it’s doing F- and I-Paces too. It’s also built a handful of ‘new’ Lister Knobblys – the Fifties Jaguar-engined racer that really made the company’s name. Last year Lister signalled its intention to build a Ferrari Monza-rivalling Speedster, while back in 2014 company boss Lawrence Whittaker told us the company would definitely build a 1,000bhp multi-million pound V12-engined hypercar to compete with the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg.

Watch this space…

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