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Refurbished Products: are They Really Worth it? | ITIGIC

With completely overhauled refurbished products, you will get as good as new and fully functional devices at a fraction of the original purchase price.

Refurbished products are your chance to get real bargains. The reconditioned product was already in the hands of a third party, but was then carefully examined and if necessary repaired. Thus, for a significantly reduced price, you receive an almost new product with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Euronics is a site that deserves your attention when you decide to buy refurbished products. But first, let’s find out what the benefits of refurbished products are.

What does renovation mean and what are the benefits for the customer?

Refurbished goods are used goods that are generally reviewed in a certified process and then resold. During the renovation, the devices are checked for their technical functionality and optical condition. In the event of a defect, the damaged part will be replaced. 

Before the device is put on sale, it also undergoes intensive cleaning. Compared to new products, refurbished devices may show signs of use. The seller usually indicates the degree and purpose of these traces in the offer. Some manufacturers take over the reconditioning of the products themselves and offer them under the name Refurbished or Recertified.

Used laptops, monitors, and more

Data deletion, hardware verification, and – if necessary – adaptation. ALTERNATE carefully controls each product and gives it a new life. With the purchase of a PC, laptop, or other refurbished product, you not only make an excellent business but also contribute to environmental protection at the same time. 

In most cases, the revised electronic devices were used only in offices and were therefore treated with great care. Due to moderate use, wear is kept within limits. Another protection when buying used items is the 24-month warranty you receive. Other advantages at a glance:

  • The best prices for high-quality electronics
  • Offers from well-known brands such as HP & Co.
  • Especially ecological and sustainable
  • Strictly tested with full warranty
  • Significantly cheaper than new goods

Wide selection of “reconditioned” products

PC, convertible, monitor, and more – the selection of refurbished electronics is almost unlimited. Think carefully about what is right for you. Should it be the computer used for your office or should it be a laptop used for travel? 

You can equip your office with powerful hardware in no time, without digging too deep into your pocket. Refurbished products are also suitable for small companies or start-ups that want to equip their jobs with powerful and at the same time cheap hardware. With up to 16 GB of RAM and lightning SSDs, powerful mini-PCs are especially suitable for use in the workplace.

What should I consider when buying refurbished devices?

If a refurbished device is an alternative to a new product for you, you should consider a few points. Basically, for used goods, you can save more if the traces are accepted. The more extensive these traces are, the greater the potential for savings.

Some dealers offer an additional warranty in addition to the legal warranty. When you buy, make sure that the device you choose meets your needs as accurately as possible. Especially for older devices, you need to ensure that compatibility with existing technology is guaranteed.