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Italy’s Automobili Estrema recently unveiled its Fulminea electric hypercar, and it continues the trend of shockingly powerful EV hypercar unveilings, a report by New Atlas explains

The Fulminea electric hypercar boasts an all-wheel-drive configuration, 2,040 horsepower, and 0-200 mph (0-320 km/h) acceleration in under 10 seconds.

Several other electric hypercars in recent times have promised similar figures — the Lotus Evija, for example, is also close to the 2,000 horsepower mark as is the Pininfarina Battista.

Source: Automobili Estrema

It’s the Fulminea’s innovative hybrid battery system that truly sets it apart, however. As a recent press statement (downloadable from Automobili Estrema’s website) explains, “the Estrema Fulminea will be the first street-legal hypercar to be equipped with an innovative hybrid battery pack which uses a combination of ABEE’s (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering) solid-state cells paired with ultra-capacitors … With its hybrid battery pack of 100 kWh, the expected WLTP range will be 323 miles (520 km).”

Automobili Estrema explains that its innovative solid-state cells, or “high-performance hybrid battery (with cell-to-pack technology),” will reach an incredible energy density of ” 1,200 Wh/lb (450 Wh/kg) with a predicted weight under 661 lb (300 kg) and a total curb weight of 1,500 kg (3,307 lb).”

‘Unprecedented energy density’

Belgian battery expert’s ABEE announced their partnership with Automobili Estrema back in February earlier this year. 

As a point of comparison, the Lotus Evija uses a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery giving it 250 miles (400 km) of range, while the Pininfarina Battista utilizes a 120 kWh Li-ion battery pack and has a 279 mile (450 km) range.

2,040-HP Electric Hypercar With Hybrid Battery Promises 323-Mile Range
Source: Automobili Estrema/YouTube

In a presentation video for the Fulminea, Alexander Klatt, Chief Creative Officer at Automobili Estrema, explains how the hypercar’s rear is inspired by the swordfish, with transparent “fins” lighting up for the vehicle’s red brake lights.

Automobili Estrema and ABEE aim to get the Fulminea electric hypercar to the market by 2023, with the latter saying it is building 61 examples of the vehicle in Italy’s “Motor Valley” of Modena. Take a look at the presentation of the Fulminea electric hypercar below.

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