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Humble Bundle this week announced a $1 million annual fund for Black game developers.

The Black Game Developer Fund “is focused on supporting Black game developers, helping publish games with funding, production and marketing support via Humble’s publishing label, Humble Games,” the company said in an announcement.

To be considered, “developers must be at least 50 percent owned and operated by people (or a person) of African origin living inside or outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality,” Humble Bundle says. They must also not currently have a signed game publishing agreement with anyone.

All target audiences, genres, and platforms are welcome. “We are only looking for unreleased projects, i.e. no launched early access titles,” Humble Bundle says.

The $1 million, meanwhile, “is not a cap but a target,” and developers might receive more or less, depending on who applies. “Funds are allocated based on the individual needs of the project and its projected success upon launch,” according to Humble Bundle.

Submissions will be judged in part by a panel of advisors from the Black game developer community, though that group has not yet been selected. Apply here.

Disclosure: Humble Bundle is owned by IGN, which is owned by PCMag parent company Ziff Davis.

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