September 25, 2023


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Huawei’s AppGallery will pay developers up to 100% of revenue for the first two years

As Huawei is cut off from the Google Play Store for the foreseeable future, the company is heavily dependent on its Huawei AppGallery (this applies to new Honor phones too). The only way to make this viable is to attract app and game developers and the company has a plan – give them all or almost all of the earnings from their software.

This is described in the Preferential Policy of the AppGallery Service Agreement. The policy applies for the first 24 months and developers need to join no later than June of this year if they want to participate.

The policy is split into two periods. For the first 12 months, developers will receive 100% of the revenue generated by non-gaming apps. For games, they get 85% – that’s close to the 88% that the Epic Store offers (95% if the game is based on the Unreal Engine).

In the second year, developers can expect 85% of revenue generated by their apps and games (90% for educational apps). After the preferential policy period ends, the standard rates apply – devs get 70% of the revenue, Huawei keeps 30%.

Category First 12 months Second 12 months Standard revenue sharing
Education 0%:100% 10%:90% 20%:80%
Gaming 15%:85% 15%:85% 30%:70%
Media and Entertainment, Tools, Communication, Books and References, Photography, Food and Drink, Travel and Navigation, Travel and Accommodation, Shopping, Business, Kids, Finance, Sports and Health, Lifestyle and Convenience, Cars, and Personalized Themes. 0%:100% 15%:85% 30%:70%

This policy applies only for developers based outside of Mainland China. Actually, they get better treatment in general. For example, Chinese devs split in-game purchases 50/50 with Huawei while foreign devs get to keep 70%.

For comparison, both Apple and Google keep 30% of sales on their respective app stores.

If you’re a developer, you can follow the Source link for more details on revenue sharing for software and games on the AppGallery.

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