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How to get rid of furniture responsibly | by Jordan Lyons | Griz Renter  Blog | Medium

You can imagine the frustration and irritation you feel when you move out of your home. It is difficult to pack and move large pieces of furniture. This requires a lot more effort.

Although many homeowners feel comfortable hiring a professional furniture removal company to move their furniture, it is important that they take safety precautions.

These tips will make it easy to move out.

1. Make a list

Before you hire a professional to move your furniture, make a list. After you have made a list, it is time to decide where your furniture will be placed in your new home. This simple step will make it easy to manage the whole moving process.

2. Disassemble Furniture

As much as possible, disassemble furniture pieces so they are easy to transport. You can, for example, remove the legs from a sofa set or take apart bed frames. This will make it easier to move the furniture around and ensure your valuables aren’t damaged or lost.

3. Take the items out

Take all furniture from your home before the movers arrive. If you own a bookshelf or bookcase, take out all books and put them in a safe place. If you’re moving a closet or other items, take out all clothes and remove them before you move them. This will reduce the furniture’s weight and make it easier to move. You run the risk of them being damaged during transit if you don’t take them off.

4. Keep Your Children Away

Moving out can be difficult for children. The kids may be curious about every item you pack and can disturb you as you pack. It’s best to drop them off at their grandparents or take them on a play date so you can finish packing important items while they’re gone.

5. Take care of your pets

Pets can be very stressed by the move. The animals are often in an anxious state when the movers arrive to transport the items to their new home. Strangers are an unfamiliar sight to them. They don’t like strangers coming into their home and taking valuable items. Before you move your furniture, ensure that your pet’s room is decorated. This will reduce stress. The pets will be able to get used to the new environment.


Hire professionals to make your move stress-free. They will make sure that everything goes smoothly and remove all your furniture in a stress-free way. If there is a pile of junk left that needs to hauled and disposed off the right way, don’t hesitate to call Trash Cleanup and Haul to tackle your junk removal needs or for your old and broken furniture removal disposal.