September 25, 2023


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How Streaming Services are Benefitting from COVID -19

Coronavirus: Online Services Across Verticals Reap Lockdown Benefit

COVID 19, a virus that came suddenly when no one thought there could be a viral hit that could shut down planet earth but it happened and this gave rise to humans swiftly changing their approach to how things are run daily. COVID 19 made people find different ways of doing things, majorly trying to achieve the same results while staying away from people.

One of the ways that COVID 19 has affected the ways people do things is the way they entertain their selves. As opposed to going to parks, cinemas and other fun places where they can watch movies or do other things, they now patronize streaming services more than they were doing in the past. This has made the streaming service providers hit their highest market demand.

How does Streaming service work?
Streaming services are services that provide you with entertainment which you could alternatively get from a cable or the satellite but at a convenient and affordable price. Streaming allows you to receive data which may be video, audio or audiovisual without interruption, from a network that is typically cloud-based. Also bear in mind that a strong internet connection is needed for streaming.

Examples of streaming services include Netflix, Now TV, Disney+, Apple TV +, Hayu, BritBox, and amazon prime video.

Benefits of streaming service
Some of the benefits of patronizing streaming services and why people have found solace in them during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown are discussed subsequently.

It is cheaper than the conventional cable
Unlike the common cable access, streaming services provide you with options for subscription depending on your pocket size. It also provides you with on-demand streaming service which lets you select your options of channels, you are not being charged for channels you don’t watch and it also doesn’t require a contract.

Hardware support
Most streaming services give you a wide range of hardware options to stream with. These hardware options include smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TV, streaming box and so on, making streaming convenient at any time and at anywhere.

No commercials
No time wasted on commercials thereby giving you an uninterrupted view of your favourite TV programs. You can also pause, rewind and fast-forward at your own will. Hence, you are in control of your time spent.

Better parental control
Streaming services give parents the platform to view and monitor what their kids are watching. It helps to build their morals and ensure the kids are only exposed to contents that have been approved by their parents.

Offline view
With streaming services you have the choice to download your favourite TV programs while online and watch later when you are offline.

Streaming service is the future because Covid19 has made people comfortable in running their day to day activities from home. Staying at home could have been boring if not for Streaming services. While you carry out your daily activities at home, you need some time for entertainment that is convenient and affordable. With these services, there are so many benefits which override other cable networks thereby giving their viewers no dull moment with the opportunity to select videos of their choice.