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While there are several technologically advanced solutions to help secure your brick and mortar building or business, high-tech solutions alone are not always enough to do the trick. To help businesses find a more complete solution, we’ve put together some solutions that combine both the low and high-tech options. 

A Physical Barrier 

One of the most obvious solutions, but one that many businesses forget. Whether you’re talking about a reinforced door, or any of a number of roll-down shutters that businesses and kiosks use, or just reinforced glass and a good deadbolt lock, a physical barrier is the last line of defense for any business and one that shouldn’t be neglected. 

The stronger the physical barrier to entry, the less likely anyone will even be able to get in and do damage or steal belongings and equipment. 

Modern Security Cameras 

Note here how we specify modern security cameras. If you’re still using those old grainy bank cameras, then you’re likely doing more harm than good when trying to protect your business. A high-resolution camera that keeps footage that is back up to the cloud is a massive upgrade to any security solution. 

Not only are just the presence of security cameras a deterrent to crime, but modern cameras can be placed in more places and hidden from view so that they can record uninterrupted. Cloud technology has enabled 24/7 surveillance without the need for tapes or DVDs.  

There are a number of benefits for businesses that install security cameras beyond just the obvious as well. The main thing about security cameras is that the higher the image quality, the more useful it is for apprehending perpetrators. A crystal clear image can go much further than a grainy one. 

Silent Alarm Systems 

Alarm systems aren’t the same button-fed archaic systems they used to be. Silent alarm monitoring is now much more sophisticated. You can now attach monitors and alarm trips to every entrance and exit of your business, as well as connected to devices, cash registers, and more. 

Part of getting the help you need if a crime occurs is timely alerting the authorities. Waiting hours after a crime happens lessens the chances of recovering anything that was stolen or finding the ones who did it. 

Scare Tactics 

No, we’re not talking about buying a guard dog, unless you want to, we’re talking about tried and true tactics that deter potential criminals. Things like hiring a towing company to patrol for vehicles, having a security guard work nights, even just putting up signs warning of trespassing. 

While not sophisticated, sometimes a stern warning or the fear of reprisal is enough to keep bad actors away. 

There’s no guarantee with any security method, but by employing the right mix of these options, you can make it so that your investment is well protected from potential threats.