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Google’s Camera app has a few fascinating idiosyncrasies that anyone who’s dealt with Pixel phones has had to come to terms with. One of them is its file management policy for handling Portrait mode shots – for each one of these, it creates a dedicated folder to hold two images, one with the applied blurred background processing and one that is as shot. This has proven problematic for viewing in basically any app that’s not Google Photos, on desktop too.

As reported by AndroidPolice, starting with v7.5, that’s no longer going to be the case – Portrait mode shots will be saved in the base Camera folder. If you’re a smartphone reviewer that means no longer having to go through hoops to compare two portraits on a PC. If you’re a regular person it means your portraits will observe the chronology of all your other photos.

Further helping with this is the fact that files will be named differently altogether. According to the new convention, portraits will now be named PXL_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.PORTRAIT-01.COVER.jpg with the 01 replaced with 02 for the pre-blur image. Compare that to the old-style 00100*PORTRAIT_00100_BURSTYYYYMMDDHHMMSS_COVER.jpg nonsense (what’s behind the asterisk seems to vary between versions). We’re also appreciating the added clarity from a simple underscore separator between date and time.

Google Camera v7.5 screenshots (courtesy of <i>AndroidPolice</i>)” width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/20/08/google-camera-file-naming/-120/gsmarena_101.jpg”/><br />
<img alt=AndroidPolice)” width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/20/08/google-camera-file-naming/-120/gsmarena_102.jpg”/>
Google Camera v7.5 screenshots (courtesy of <i>AndroidPolice</i>)” width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/20/08/google-camera-file-naming/-120/gsmarena_103.jpg”/><br />
<img alt=AndroidPolice)” width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/20/08/google-camera-file-naming/-120/gsmarena_104.jpg”/>
Google Camera v7.5 screenshots (courtesy of <i>AndroidPolice</i>)” width=”120″ height=”240″ src=”https://fdn.gsmarena.com/imgroot/news/20/08/google-camera-file-naming/-120/gsmarena_105.jpg”/><br />
<br /><span><strong>Google Camera v7.5 screenshots (courtesy of <i>AndroidPolice</i>)</strong></span></p>
<p>Meanwhile, regular non-portraits will be named PXL_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg. Motion photos will add an ‘MP’ before the .jpg extension, while Night Sight shots will manifest themselves with a ‘NIGHT’, letting you more easily recognize what’s what. Another new development is that the ‘PXL’ prefix replaces the ‘IMG’ of old, revealing to everyone you share photos with that you’re on #teampixel (is that still a thing?).</p>
<p>The changes appear in v7.5 of the Google Camera app which only works on Android 11 for the time being, itself still in beta.</p>
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