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General Motors (GM) declared on Thursday its intentions to go carbon-neutral by 2040 — 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement schedule — promising to adapt 100% of the company’s light-duty vehicles to zero-emission powertrains by 2035, according to a Linkedin blog post from CEO Mary Barra.

GM CEO commits to carbon neutral enterprise by 2040

This new pledge comes days after the new U.S. Biden administration rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, and serves as a call to action for other companies to match Barra and GM’s commitment to staying below the 1.5-degrees Celsius limit — stipulated in the Business Ambition Pledge, of which GM is a signee.

“General Motors plans to be carbon neutral by 2040 — which means removing emissions from all our products, including every vehicle we produce, and all of our global operations in the next twenty years,” wrote Barra in her Linkedin blog post. “Where removing emissions is not possible — for example if the technology does not yet exist in those timeframes — we will compensate for those emissions through carbon credits or carbon capture.”

This is developing news of GM’s increased commitment to a carbon neutral future by 2040, so be sure to check-in with us for forthcoming updates.

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