December 6, 2023


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Give Your Brain A Puzzling Challenge With Shashibo’S Shape-Shifting Box


More than ever, people are looking for ways to unwind and disconnect from technology. Whether for work or school, most of us are tied to some form of electronic device. Phones, computers, tablets, and even televisions occupy far too much of our attention. Sometimes, a good tech-imposed break is needed to preserve our sanity and give our minds a much-needed reset.

What, then, can take those devices’ place?

A good start is the Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box with 36 Rare Earth Magnets. For a limited time, this addictive gadget is available for just $16.99. That’s a savings of 59% from its MSRP ($42).

This award-winning cube transforms into more than 70 geometric shapes, leaving with you no shortage of brain-puzzling twists. Each cube, which flaunts a smooth matte finish, sports four art designs: the outer design and three inner designs.

Watch this video.

It’s constructed with a high-quality plastic mold, and it’s powered by 36 rare earth magnets. You can combine two or more Shashibos to build larger shapes and create even more possibilities. It does contain magnets or magnetic components that could impact the function of electronic devices. Those with pacemakers are not recommended to play with this toy to avoid any possible impact on the pacemaker.

The Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box was named Innovative Patented Product Toy of The Year in 2020 and in 2021, and last year it was named a finalist for the award. With dimensions of 2.3″W x 2.3″D, it fits comfortably in one’s hand for hours of mind-challenging fun.

The Shashibo Shape-Shifting Box shines not only as a fun distraction from blue-light devices, but it’s also a great tool to keep your mind sharp and alert as you work to solve its many challenges. It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. Purchase it today.

Prices subject to change.


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