September 21, 2023


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Get ready for cheaper, longer-range Polestar 2s

Good news everyone – Polestar has just launched cheaper and longer-range versions of its Tesla Model 3 rival, the 2. 

Until now the Polestar 2 has only been available in a single spec with a 78kWh battery, twin e-motors for all-wheel drive, 402bhp and up to 298 miles of range. Now called the ‘Long Range Dual Motor’, it’s still available and costs from £45,900. But as of today you can also get a Polestar 2 with a single electric motor and a smaller 64kWh battery. 

The ‘Standard Range Single Motor’ P2 is the entry-level model, with the 64kWh battery and a single 221bhp electric motor. It costs from £39,900 and claims up to 273 miles of range. By comparison, the entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs £40,990 and claims 278 miles of range. 

Meanwhile the ‘Long Range Single Motor’ Polestar has a little more power – 228bhp – and gets the all-wheel drive car’s big battery. Polestar claims it can travel up to 335 miles between charges, which is very good indeed. It costs £42,900 and is probably the one to have. The 360-mile ‘Long Range’ Model 3 currently costs £48,490. 

The Performance Pack – which gives you adjustable Öhlins dampers, Brembo brakes and lots of gold detailing – is still available for £5,000, but only for the Long Range Dual Motor P2. To the two-wheel drive models you can add the £4,000 Plus Pack or £3,000 Pilot Pack. 

The new versions are available to order now and will arrive later this year. Thoughts? 

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