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It appears that 316bhp, once the realm of Proper Performance Things, is now considered ‘entry level’, at least in the shiny new world of the Jaguar I-Pace.

Because Germany is getting a lesser-powered, ‘entry-level’ I-Pace with – you guessed correctly! – 316bhp, that’s also a tad cheaper than the full fat 394bhp one.

That 394bhp car of course, is the only power option offered in the UK, but should take-up of the limited-edition ‘EV320 SE’ be sufficient Over There, who knows… maybe a slightly slower, slightly cheaper, less powerful I-Pace might appear Over Here.

How much slower, you’re probably not wondering? Jaguar reckons the EV320 SE, with its 316bhp and 369lb ft of torque, will go from 0-62mph in 6.4s (the 400 does it in 4.8s) and top out at a limited 112mph (versus 124mph). However, it doesn’t benefit from any more range than the EV400, sitting at the same 292 miles on a single charge (470km).

Still, because it’s a limited edition – it’s only available until the end of 2020 – it gets a load of equipment thrown in as standard. Things like 20in wheels, an electrically-opening boot, electric heated mirrors, LED headlights, 14-way adjustable leather sports seats, driving assists and a pair of touchscreens on the centre console.

The price in Germany for the EV320 SE starts at a smidge under €65k – just over €10k cheaper than the 400 SE. Naturally, it also comes with all the other updates Jaguar recently applied to its game-changing EV, like a new infotainment system and 11kW on-board charger.

Could you even live with yourself with such a pitiful amount of horsepower that’s still more than something like a twin-turbo 300ZX? Or is 6.4s to 62mph still quite fast enough thankyouverymuch?

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