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Remember Unplugged Performance? They’re the folk living almost next-door to Tesla in California and are aiming to offer a service akin to McLaren’s MSO division or Rolls-Royce’s in-house customisation programmes.

You can have a read of our 2018 Unplugged Model 3 review by clicking these blue words, but before you do that there’s one big piece of news we should tell you about. 

As part of its upgrade offerings for the Model 3, Unplugged has now launched a limited-slip differential that replaces the standard Tesla open diff and should improve high-speed cornering. 

This is very good news. The Model 3 Performance of course has Track Mode which activates an electronic torque vectoring system, but this LSD will provide a more efficient distribution of power without using the brakes or stability control and can also be fitted to lesser, RWD 3s.

Oh, and if you’re planning to take the family on your next track day, Unplugged will also fit it to your seven-seat Model Y. Because why not?

Unplugged says the diff was tested by Randy Pobst on its Pikes Peak racer (check that out here) and that it comes with a lifetime warranty – although it could also void Tesla’s drive unit and parts warranty. 

The price? $2,195 excluding fitment. So, what do we think Internet? A worthwhile upgrade for the 3 and Y?

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