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A viable vaccine to the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 illness won’t be available to immunize the general public until the end of 2024, said the chief executive of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer in an exclusive interview with the Financial Times.


Viable coronavirus vaccine not coming until 2024, says major CEO

CEO of the Serum Institute of India Adar Poonawalla said pharmaceutical firms weren’t ramping up their production capacity swiftly enough to adequately innoculate the world’s population before the end of 2024, in an interview with the Financial Times (FT).

“It’s going to take four to five years until everyone gets the vaccine on this planet,” Poonawalla said, reports FT. Previously, Poonawala had predicted that a two-dose vaccine standard — if applied to the coronavirus vaccine, like rotavirus or the measles — then we would need 15 billion doses to innoculate the planet, reports a local news source.

This comes on the heels of an announcement from the CDC earlier this month, which instructed public health officials in all 50 states and five large cities of the U.S. to prepare to distribute a viable coronavirus vaccine to health care workers and other high-risk groups.

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