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Since ATM, skimming, and frauds are on the rise, it is essential to find ways to protect your debit card and ATM information along the way.

When it comes to skimming, we are talking about a term when people use means to steal your PIN or Personal Identification Number by using specific devices or skimmers.

It is a common problem that happens all across the globe for at least a decade, and it is still a common problem unless you know how to protect yourself throughout the process.

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Most of them will use two devices to capture your data and information. They will place the first one next to a place where you swap your card. Keep in mind that a machine will read the magnetic stripe from it, which will feature an account number.

The second device is crucial because it is in the form of a hidden camera located so too. Finally, when thieves get this data, they will copy everything on a blank card, which gives them complete access to your bank account.

That is why most financial institutions nowadays are choosing EMV chip cards, which are protected and will reduce skimming chances compared with regular magstripe cards.

In case you have an option to get a chip card, we recommend you take it because it is more efficient than other options.

In the further article, we wish to provide you with tips to protect yourself from ATM fraud. Let us start from the beginning.

1.Cover Your PIN

It is essential to use your hand over the keypad while typing a PIN code. Since hidden cameras are here to track your movements with the idea of getting your identification number, you should mask it by placing your hand over a keypad while typing with others.

If someone is standing next to you, we recommend avoiding using the machine until you feel perfectly safe. You should avoid writing it down somewhere, especially in email or notes, within your mobile device.

Finally, you should never reveal the number to anyone else because you can prevent potential problems from happening. You should know that some ATMs are more efficient and secure than others, which is why you should always choose the ones that are familiar to you.

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In case you use the same one frequently, you will notice that something is wrong with it. In case you cannot swipe as quickly as before, it means that you should try another instead.

2.Check Balance From Time to Time

It is vital to check your account balance from time to time to ensure that everything is the same as the last time you checked.

Remember that if someone has skimmed your account, you need to contact the financial provider as soon as possible to ensure that you reduce future cases.

Remember that the more you wait, the more money they will take from your account, which is an important consideration. At the same time, some banks will offer you a reimbursement, which is why you should call them as soon as you notice a change.

3.Watch Out for Hidden Cams

We have mentioned above that skimming relies on hidden cameras to detect your hand movements to see the personal identification number.

Of course, most ATMs come with an already installed and visible camera, but you should check out around to notice hidden ones.

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If you notice a hole or some machine area that looks differently from the last time you have seen it, we recommend you go to another ATM.

4.Monitor Behavior and Keep Little Cash on Account

You can also protect yourself if you take everything from your account. That way, they will not be able to take money out of your account because you will have a small amount of money, which is an important consideration.

Simultaneously, if they take a small amount, you may get reimbursement promptly by notifying a financial institution.

Finally, you should pay attention to the automated teller machine appearance. If you notice anything unusual, you should avoid it altogether. That way, you can protect yourself and your funds.