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If you use a phone that runs Android 10, be careful which image you choose to set as your wallpaper as it could crash your handset.

As Android Authority reports, over the weekend it was revealed that setting a specific image as the wallpaper for your Android phone could crash it, leaving it in a “soft bricked” state. Making your phone functional again requires performing a factory reset, which is less than ideal. On further investigation it’s been discovered this is a known problem affecting Android 10 and is to do with the color space an image uses rather than a specific image causing the crash.

Here’s an example of the crash occurring on a Google Pixel 2:

In simple terms, the color space is how specific colors are organized in an image format. Android 10 is setup to handle sRGB color space images for wallpapers and the developers didn’t include any safeguards against using non-sRGB images. The wallpaper causing phones to crash uses an RGB color space instead, which Android 10 can’t handle and as a result fails spectacularly.

The problem is solved in Android 11, but if you’re running Android 10 there’s a chance your phone could crash depending on the wallpaper you set. As this is a widely-publicized problem now, you can guarantee mischievous individuals will try to take advantage of it and attempt to crash as many Android phones as possible through image sharing and promotion. Your best defense? Keep using the background you currently have set and hope that Google and handset manufacturers decide to release a patch to stop the crashes.

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