September 23, 2023


Sapiens Digital

A Unique Mask – Ultra-Fine Filtration and Bluetooth 4.0

Masks have become an absolute necessity in the COVID-19 era but they can be cumbersome and get in the way of activities such as talking on the phone and listening to music or a navigation system. What if there was a mask that allowed you to take on all these activities comfortably?

The Bone Conduction Audio Mask is specifically designed for sports and features not only advanced technology with ultra-fine filtration of air particles but also Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless music, calls, and navigation. It is highly resistant to dust, bacteria, and other suspended particles while at the same time allowing you to listen to music, pick up calls, and listen to real-time navigation while you’re being active.

How is that possible? This unique and special mask features a Bone Conduction speaker to free your ears and lessen direct harm to your eardrums. It also ensures you can enjoy your music while still being able to receive sounds from the environment around you, keeping you safe alert, and aware all the time.

Finally, the mask is rechargeable and lasts up to 7 hours of use. Don’t settle for simple cumbersome masks. Get this specialized ultra-efficient and practical mask now for $84.99 over 14% off its usual price. 

Prices are subject to change.

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