November 30, 2023


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A New Floating Luxury Hotel Resort Is Coming to Dubai

The Swiss-based luxury hotel management company Kempinski will open a floating hotel resort in the world’s high-tech and ultra-luxury metropolis Dubai, the United Emirates (UAE).

Kempinski Floating Palace is going to be a floating building surrounded by 12 floating luxury villas that are able to sail to other anchorages.

The floating palace is anchored next to one of Dubai’s most exclusive beaches, which is a luxury traveler hot spot with its hotels and food and beverage scene.

The main building of the floating palace, structured in four parts, is connected in the middle by a glass pyramid and offers all features of a five-star hotel ranging from exclusive gourmet restaurants, bars, spa, pools to boutiques, banquet areas, and the possibility for even larger yachts to sail in and out at the center of the hotel.

The 12 luxury villas, connected by pontoons, are partly for sale but also available for rent by hotel guests. The villas can also benefit from all the services offered at the hotel. Twelve villas with two, three, or four bedrooms, crew and staff rooms, as well as indoor and outdoor living rooms, offer high-quality and elegant designs over two floors in addition to a roof terrace and infinity pool. These features and more characterize the luxury houseboats with large panoramic windows and all the technical features of a smart home.

The villas, which can cruise at a maximum speed of six nautical miles, are equipped with solar panels and are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Guests of the resort that has 156 rooms, suites, and 12 anchored villas, are expected to arrive at the resort by speed boats or their own boats. The resort has a deck that 16 yachts can park and there is a floating helipad beside the deck for those who want to arrive in style.

Reflecting the lavish lifestyle in Dubai, the new Kempinski Floating Palace will be a special touch to the city that is well known for attracting world tourism. This project is expected to be another breakthrough for the already-spectacular tourism industry of the UAE.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our guests in Dubai such a first experience from 2023 onwards, combining the destination’s reputation as a high-tech city with the timeless European elegance of Kempinski Hotels”, says Bernold Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of Kempinski Group and Chairman of the Management Board of Kempinski AG. “The highly innovative project by Seagate Shipyard convinces not only by its high-end technology but also through impeccable style and design.”

CEO and founder of Seagate Shipyard Mohamed El Bahrawy, pointed out that they are especially proud of the Floating Palace and said, “I am so grateful to Bernold Schroeder and Kempinski Hotels for their trust. It is thrilling to see, that for the first time a brand of the caliber of Kempinski will manage a floating hotel of such magnitude, and we are confident that our hotel will soon be one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. It will undoubtedly occupy an iconic position among floating hotels all over the world.”

The luxury-seeking visitors of Dubai will hopefully not let the Kempinski Floating Palace have the same fate of the first of its kind, the floating hotel built in Australia back in 1988, now abandoned in the waters of North Korea due to financial and other difficulties.

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