December 2, 2023


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A decade of service, pioneering Filipino digital transformation


Fostering digital transformation requires more than the ability of acquiring new technologies. It also means creating environments where business can leverage innovation to deliver meaningful change and drive best results. Moreover, utilizing the right tools creates more opportunity for businesses that allows them to stay steady in the industry.

MYBUSYBEE, INC.(BUSYBEE) has always been consistent through the years of service in pioneering Filipino Digital Transformation. True to its mission, creating high-quality and innovative applications that incorporate technology to unravel solutions for brands and companies is top priority of the team. Harnessing the advancement of technology for public service that resulted in a greater good. Moreover, the innovation of these digital products helps improve and even sustain the heartbeat of the business environment in the Philippines.

The Paradigm Shift of Digitization

Prior to the pandemic, there is already a paradigm shift towards digitization that will greatly influence the move of the economy underway. Most businesses have this foresight, especially updating their marketing plans and goals every year. They need customized digital platforms and services aligned to the core and business goals of their company.

Fortunately, BUSYBEE is already ahead of the game in making this possible through providing its clients the right gear for digital transformation since 2012. Through the efforts of BUSYBEE CEO Mr. Rico Hernandez, the firm grew from producing Basic SMS software to a full-pledged digital agency, covering the entire spectrum of digital marketing. BUSYBEE is the Number 1 provider of SMS messaging platform and services that also offers other digital marketing services such as domain and web hosting subscription, web development & design, software, app and chatbot development, SEO, email marketing platform, social media management, cybersecurity, Virtual Event Platforms (VEP) and a lot more. Hence, Mr. Hernandez constantly pushes the business to adapt to the advancement of technologies as this is where the future lies.

BUSYBEE provides excellent service in Website design and development services which help companies successfully have their own compelling website to increase their brands’ credibility and client engagement. The first ever website project of BUSYBEE in 2015 is for Octaplas Industrial services Inc. followed by Mazda Philippines and many other startups and SMEs. Government agencies like the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Philippine Travel Exchange, Tourism Promotions Board and many more also chose BUSYBEE for the creation of their websites. To further improve our services and product offering, BUSYBEE partnered with credible brands such as Zoom, Coursera, Rakuten, Blackboard, and ISSUU. BUSYBEE also joined the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), and other businesses organizations to stay updated with industry trends and learn from other business leaders.

Digital Essence in a Pandemic

According to a recent study from data management consultancy, Transunion Information Solutions revealed that utilization of digital platforms and applications could possibly be permanent for Filipino businesses. Due to the pandemic, most institutions (finance, education, government transactions and more) in the country have delved completely to the digital realm. There is no other option for it is only the solution to make the world go round again.

Digital solutions companies, like BUSYBEE had an opportunity to serve more Filipino businesses during these challenging times. It gained exponential growth not only in revenue but also in the range of digital solutions offered and its agency force. While the COVID 19 pandemic may have disrupted our normal lives; on the other hand, it created opportunities for people to explore online businesses or migrate their existing businesses online.

“In this period of rapid digitization, it is imperative for experts in the field of technology to take initiative and help recalibrate the business landscape in the Philippines. We envisioned BUSYBEE 10 years ago as an agent of change, empowering businesses with our digital solutions. Definitely, this is not just a milestone we achieved but also a decade of impactful service to our clients,”  said Rico Hernandez, CEO of MYBUSYBEE, INC.

This March 16, all BUSYBEE members from all over the Philippines will gather through a virtual event called BUSYBEE AFTER HOURS to celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary. There will be promos and giveaways for both the general public and all their clients who were onboarded in the past ten years.

As a part of BUSYBEE’s commitment in helping the Filipino community go digital, they have been providing support to organizations and initiatives that aims promote digitalization. BUSYBEE is the Digital Transformation Partner of many events happening this 2022. This includes the Philippine SME Business Expo that will be held on March 16-18, 2022, virtually. It is the country’s biggest B2B expo, conference, and networking event that aims to empower small and medium enterprises, Start-Ups, and Entrepreneurs, organized since 2013.

We believe that collaboration is the key to success as we continue to be at top of the digital transformation initiatives in the country. Our team welcomes collaboration proposals.

For more details, contact BUSYBEE’s Business Development Manager, Mr. Ellirie Aviles through [email protected].


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