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Personal safety and the safety of our loved ones have great importance. It is a necessity to make sure we have a backup plan or someone to reach out to for help in emergency situations. The good thing is advancements in technology brought up wearables that help us in many ways. They function to let us breathe fresh air, check up on our health, schedule our day and most importantly cover our needs to provide us safety in case of an emergency. 

Safety wearables are able to do a lot of things for you including sharing your location with emergency services, letting your loved ones know when you are in need, and providing the necessary protection for you. That’s why we listed 7 safety wearables to keep you safe wherever you go.  

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: Ripple Safety/Amazon

The device, which resembles a padlock, has a brooch-clip design that allows it to be easily attached to clothing, keys, or jewelry. If you’re in an uncomfortable circumstance, just click once. This is for when you need someone to be there for you. If you have a major emergency but are unable to call for help, press the button three times and the monitoring team will dispatch first responders to your area. They will also communicate with them on your behalf and provide all of your vital information. It can run up to 6 months and you will receive a new one for free when it expires.

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
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invisaWear operates with a free app that you download on your phone and uses Bluetooth Low Energy. You can choose up to five persons to be notified using the simple setup. You can also enable a free and optional 9-1-1 feature in the app, which will share your position with emergency dispatchers if need be. It features the same emergency response technology as ADT, the world’s most trusted security company, so you can rest assured that help will arrive when you need it the most. All the security you need is in your jewelry. 

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: LifeStation/Amazon

Life station Mobile 4G LTE is primarily designed for seniors, that is why it has a range of useful functions. It runs on the AT&T network in the country and allows access to the company’s Emergency Monitoring Center 24/7. It ensures proper GPS service allowing emergency responders or caretakers to pinpoint your precise location. Simply push the button to reach a TMA-certified care specialist and the 24-hour monitoring center. They will communicate with you directly through the gadget and, if necessary, contact emergency services, friends, or family. Most importantly the device lasts up to 6 days on a single charge.

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: Alphanom/Amazon

Alphacom Care Go is special in its own way because it is actually able to send signals to unlimited contacts in the case of an emergency. It also allows the users to send real-time SOS signals and GPS information right on the spot. Even when your contacts’ phones are in silent mode, you can send a Critical Alert to their phone and they will hear it nonetheless. Moreover, you can also use the device as a finder for your properties such as keys, bags, wallet, or others where Care Go hanged with. It works nonstop for a year to protect you and your properties all year long. 

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: MaxxmAlarm/Amazon

With its loud voice of 130 dB and its panic button with enhanced safety, MaxxmAlarm is a perfect fit for you and your loved ones. It comes with a lanyard and a carabiner to let you carry it in the way you want. If you decide to be a biker and go on the dark roads, it also has a LED flashlight and blinking lights for other drivers to see you in an emergency. It works with 4 LRR4 batteries and lasts up to 1 hour nonstop. Batteries are easily changeable and the device is for easy use. 

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: Hootie/Amazon

Hootie is the safest, surest option for self-defense. Its pin-activated alarm hooks to your keychain or bag and can be kept in your pocket. It has no buttons, keeping you safe from accidental alarms. It has a long-lasting replaceable battery that keeps you protected for up to a year. Besides having an elegant design that can fit any of your outfits, it is also made with durable, impact-resistant material that can withstand extreme conditions. Its alarm can run for 30-40 minutes after you activate it and it is ideal for wilderness survival and medical emergencies. 

7 Personal Safety Devices That Will Make the Perfect Bodyguards
Source: Stinger/Amazon

Stinger stands out as a little more different and versatile compared to the other ones on the market. Besides having a Self-Defense Siren that is as loud as 140dB and can reach 600 ft (182 m) to attract attention in any case of emergency, it also comes with a car window breaker and razor-sharp blade. So Stinger is designed to not only protect you when you are on foot or hiking but also when you get involved in a car accident and need to get out of your car. It works with 3 LR44 batteries and can easily be changed when they run out. 

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