September 25, 2023


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7 Automatic Watering Systems for Healthy Gardens With Potted Plants

If you’re an anthophile, watering your plants might probably be the biggest concern if you’re planning to be away from home for a stretch of time. The perfect answer to this problem is an automatic watering system for potted plants. A self-watering system can keep your beloved plants in good health when you aren’t around.

What’s more, automatic watering systems are pretty easy to set up and use. Depending on each one’s features, a system can water around ten to fifteen plants if you use the programmable timer feature. Let’s see some of the best available watering systems to restrict your plants from feeling the strain of your absence. 

1. Moistenland Automatic Dripping System

Automatic watering system beside a potted plant
Source: Moistenland/Amazon

When you’re away from home, this Moistenland dripping system makes sure your plants remain well hydrated. It comprises a timer with a powerful pump to provide water as much as is needed to your plants.

This compact design can be assembled in only 10 minutes. Available in white and black, this system saves around 70% more water than traditional drip heads. It also comes with a programmable timer and an easy-to-read LCD screen. Also, you don’t need to go through the hassle of resetting the timer every time you restart or end the timer.

The watering system comes with a 2-way power method. You can either power it up with 4 pieces of AA batteries or micro USB power. If the USB power stops working in any case, the pump will keep running because of the batteries.

2. Zollea Smart Auto Watering Device

Automatic watering system
Source: Zollea/Amazon

Zollea is a powerful and portable drip irrigation system that guarantees a good and reliable plant watering experience. You can water your lovely water plants for up to 60 days using the programmable timer feature. The timer will ensure you have optimal use of water for keeping your herbs hydrated adequately.

This automatic watering system for potted plants is built with a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery and supports USB charging. You can use the battery for up to 10 days in one charge. It also comes with a hang buckle on its back, so you can hang your water bucket. 

The Zollea Smart Auto Watering Device features an LED screen that is easily readable. Thanks to its intelligent program memory, you don’t need to reset the program when it runs out of power. Just recharge it and your previous settings will come into action. 

3. sPlant Automatic Plant Watering System

Automatic watering system with potted plants
Source: sPlant/Amazon

For those who have used the sPlant watering system earlier, here’s a power upgrade. This system can provide water to around 15 plants in one go. It provides a water supply of about 900ml per minute.

The sPlant watering system also comes with a two-way power system. You can either use the USB charging or run it on four AA batteries. With the included accessories, you can assemble this drip irrigation kit within four simple steps. 

The sPlant Automatic Watering System stores the time cycle settings internally. Also, make sure you avoid placing the water bucket higher than the pump to avoid siphoning. You need to perform settings with just three buttons to set up the system properly. 

4. NEWMETO Automatic Plant Watering System

Automatic watering system with plants
Source: NEWMETO/Amazon

The NewMeto automatic watering system has a high-power design along with a programmable timer that saves its data on an internal memory chip. With this timer, you can choose the necessary intervals between which you wish to water your plants. 

The automatic watering system is pretty easy to set up. It has simple and understandable controls. You can water around fifteen plants in go, so if you’ve got a medium-sized indoor garden at your place, this watering system can take care of hydration easily. 

The NEWMETO automatic watering system for potted plants offers a watering service to your plant for up to 30 programmed days. It is portable, so
you can hang it on the water bucket of your bedroom, balcony, or garden for houseplant self-watering.

5. RainPoint Sprinkler Timer

7 Automatic Watering Systems for Healthy Gardens With Potted Plants
Source: RainPoint/Amazon

The RainPoint sprinkler timer supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology and allows you to water your plants at a 165ft or 60m distance from your Android or iOS device using the RainPoint app. It has two modes of operation: Irrigation Mode and Misting Mode. 

Thanks to its built-in water flow system, this watering system prevents excessive watering by monitoring the consumption levels. Another interesting feature is that you can program the RainPoint sprinkler timer to delay automatic watering for up to three days when there are rain forecasts. 

The hose has a compact size, so you can ideally use it for greenhouses, flowerbeds, gardens, greenhouses, and much more. The RainPoint sprinkler system is a cost-effective device that requires minimal setup time. 

6. Sanxia Smart Watering Device

Automatic plant watering system
Source: Sanxia/Amazon

If you’re anxious about who’d take care of your plants when you’re on a long outing, the Sanxia Smart Watering Device will relieve you of all the worries. 

The best thing about the Sanxia Smart Watering Device is the silent motor which allows it to run while making minimal noise. What’s more, this compact design provides solar charging instead of batteries along with USB charging. The solar charging option makes it a sustainable device, one that you should opt for if you care about energy saving and environmental protection. 

The device is pretty lucid to understand and operate, and it’ll hardly take you a few minutes to complete the installation process. It’s wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so you can keep it working in any weather. The Sanxia watering system is an ideal choice if you wish to water flower pots, hanging baskets, lawn gardens, roof gardens, and much more. 

7. Hosile Automatic Plant Watering System

Watering system with mobile app
Source: Hosile/Amazon

The Hosile automatic watering system for potted plants comes with a remote WiFi control and allows you to water your plants in a few clicks. It’ll make sure your plants aren’t unattended while you’re away.

The waterproof and leak-proof system can water up to 10 plants at once. It provides effective irrigation and helps conserve water. You’ll need to install the RainPoint app to avail of this feature.

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