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Launching an e-commerce website is not an end in itself; it comes with its very own challenges. 

In today’s times, the extensive digital shift has also brought in intense competition among businesses. 

To reach out to a broad customer base and create a unique brand identity, sufficient thought needs to be given to curating a flawless website design. Some of the elements necessary to develop an attractive website involve skilled work. It requires trained individuals who excel in the web design and development sector. 

A quality Columbus Digital Marketing Company can provide you with valuable information to improve your web design techniques and win over customers.

Why is your ecommerce website performing poorly?

Of course, you have been committing inevitable mistakes with your ecommerce website.

Whether you have been in the market for quite some time or simply starting off, do not fret because your website has not been doing well. Here are five possible reasons why your website is not showing promising results. Revamp these areas to notice customer conversions instantly!

  • A complex and cluttered User Interface:

A user interface is basically the point of interaction between a device and the user. The UI entails everything that serves as an entry point for enabling interaction between the computer and the user on a webpage as the intermediary link. 

UI elements include all components that help a user navigate through the website. Input Controls and Information components are also elements of the User Interface. Digital Marketing Agency Columbus professionals observe that an effective user interface is a crucial element that can help significantly improve website review. 

The essential principles of a good UI design are maintaining consistency and minimizing cognitive load. A consistent web design in employing a patterned set of navigation tools and menus allows the user to adapt existing knowledge to new tasks. A user would visit your website to get a job done through the least number of clicks. If your UI design is complex and unpredictable, it can put off the user. 

Similarly, cluttering the website with unnecessary information is not going to win your website a good impression. Information should be concise, easy-to-understand and to the point. Digital Marketing Columbus employees opine that a user is likely to miss out on the most essential news in the presence of information overload. A clean User Interface will give your website clarity and generate consistent sales!

  • Using low quality and unimpressive pictures: 

Featuring clear, high-resolution photographs on your website can make all the difference to user experience. 

Human beings are naturally driven by aesthetic appeal. Therefore, employing the correct graphics will make a lasting impression on the user and propel them to explore your website further. 

According to the experts of Digital Marketing Columbus Ohio, it will also instill trust in the user. High-resolution photographs will increase your worth and competence in the user’s eyes, who will be inclined to believe that it is safe to purchase from you. 

Thus, if your e-commerce website isn’t showing promising results, you should probably revisit the photographs section and employ a more professional team better suited to perform the task. 

If you are only starting out and hiring might burn a hole in your pocket, there’s no need to worry. An acclaimed Digital Marketing Agency Columbus has some expert opinions up its sleeves: these days, you will need nothing more than a mobile device or a smartphone to furnish pictures with the most excellent visual appeal. Set your product against good light (natural sunlight will be just as good) and position it on an aesthetic dish, and you are good to go!

  • Using a bland or crude color palette:

Your client will be susceptible to associating the visual quality of your website and your credibility as a company.

The overall visual display is the first thing that your user will notice. In these first few seconds, they will have already made an impression about what you have to offer. The choice of the color palette, therefore, is paramount in holding user attention and converting customers.

Like those adding key value to Digital Marketing Columbus, an illustrator or graphic designer can drop insightful opinions about the right mix of colors that can transform the look of your website. With the right color palette, you will notice the difference in sales instantly. 

  • Not including blogs or customer reviews:

If this was an afterthought for your website, then you must reassess your priorities. Blogs, on the one hand, and reviews and testimonials on the other, are two of the most singularly critical verbal contents on your website that can significantly convert customers. 

Blogs are incredibly effective for product promotion, SEO optimization, community building, and reaching out to users and audiences at large. 

The experts at Digital Marketing Agency Columbus observe that reviews and testimonials, on the other hand, are compelling evidence of your trustworthiness. A user will feel most inclined to buy a product after reading a good review from a fellow buyer. Reviews and testimonials can give the final push to make a purchase for a customer in two minds. 

You can also include average star ratings besides reviews because they can be done more quickly. All in all, allowing your customer to write a review or grading your services will also foster a relation of fidelity and lasting trust.

  • Not using responsive web design:

Out of the total number of internet users, the majority use mobile devices to navigate online services. If your website isn’t built on responsive design, it could be a possible reason it isn’t going well. 

According to a pool of professionals from a Columbus Digital Marketing Company, the entire website will not load onto a mobile screen if you have not implemented a responsive design. The content won’t be customized to fit the required mobile display. It will also slow down the site speed, resulting in a high bounce rate. 

For example, suppose your website wasn’t designed to implement responsive design principles. In that case, some vital information can move below the fold, which will disable a user from finding pertinent information in the section in which they ought to be. 

Summing up:

Employing responsive design will optimize the user’s experience based on screen size and orientation. Digital Marketing Columbus Ohio specialists can help fetch you a top-notch user experience on any device screen with a responsive interface! These experts will also help you correct the mistakes and enable your ecommerce business to soar up!