December 5, 2022


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5 NBN Deals Worth Your Money

The NBN has been rolled out to various locations in the country. Along with this, NBN plans also evolved, with those catering to the super fast and ultra-fast speed tiers emerging rapidly. This article lists down some of the best NBN deals that are worth every penny you spend.

Basic II Speed Tier: Tangerine Standard 25/5

Tangerine Standard 25/2 is by far the cheapest NBN plan. This is considered one of the best NBN deals if you are only after a plan falling under the basic speed tier. The reason behind this is that Tangerine’s offer only costs $44.90 a month. Nevertheless, with it, you already get to enjoy unlimited data, as well as a typical evening speed of 25Mbps.

Standard Speed Tier: Spintel NBN Unlimited Plus

If you are after an NBN plan under the standard speed tier, you should go for the NBN Unlimited Plus offered by SpinTel. You will only have to pay $54 a month for the first six months, but after this period, you already need to pay $64.95 monthly, which is still within a reasonable price range. Rest assured that with this plan, you will already have unlimited data as well as a typical evening speed of 50Mbps. This proves to be sufficient if you want to stream high-definition videos from time to time.

Fast Speed Tier: Spintel Unlimited Premium

If you live in a big household with several members of your family needing to connect to the internet simultaneously, then you may need to go for SpinTel’s Unlimited Premium. A typical evening speed of 100Mbps offered with this plan will prove to be enough for your family members to connect to the internet simultaneously, without anyone complaining about lagging issues.

Super Fast Speed Tier: Mate elite mates Superfast

If you are a hardcore online gamer, then Mate’s elite mates Superfast plan will prove to be beneficial for you. For only $94.90 a month, you will already get to enjoy a typical evening speed of 205Mbps, which means that you won’t encounter any lags in your game that can result in a frustrating loss. You will also have unlimited data with this plan, and the best part is that the price you have to pay is not a six-month promotional deal. Instead, it is already the standard pricing of Mate for the Super Fast speed tier.

Ultra Fast Speed Tier: MyRepublic Ultrafast 1000/50

Finally, if you need the fastest internet speed, .you may want to check out MyRepublic’s Ultrafast 1000/50. With this plan, the typical evening speed that you can use can reach up to 350Mbps. You also get to use unlimited data as well as enjoy a no-contract term with this NBN plan.

The Bottomline

The best NBN deals are those that will be able to suit your speed and data requirements without emptying your pockets. Fortunately, you now have various plans to choose from as offered by different providers. Just keep in mind that the key is in exerting the time and effort to research for you to be able to make a more informed decision later on.