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Rooting back to Roman festival Lupercalia, held in mid-February to celebrate the coming of spring and fertility, Valentine’s Day is a magical time when lovers show their affection and intimacy to one another through various gifts and gratulations.

With the 14th of February marching ever closer, it’s probably time to start looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special engineer in your life.

With that being said, you do not necessarily have to be an engineer to appreciate cool technological gadgets. As long as your partner is interested in gadgets and electronics, surely, you can find a memorable gift for them on this list.     

So let’s cut to the chase and get this list started, here is our hand-picked selection of great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Scroll down for gifts that can make your valentine gasp in amazement! 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Friendship Lamps/Amazon

Because of the lockdowns and general safety measurements, you may be in a position where you can not get to meet your lover as much as you used to be, or your spouse might be in another part of the world.

However, this does not mean you do not think of them. Here is a great way to stay connected to people you love! Regardless of the places you are at, you can easily set up the lamp and connect to Wi-Fi.

Once the connection is done, you can link the light to your unique group ID and set your favorite color. The light will light up with a single touch and let your lover know that you are thinking about him/her.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Artblox/Amazon

It is highly probable that you and your partner have a special song that means a lot to both of you.

This valentine’s day you can make that special person feel happy, loved, and appreciated all at once with this customized soundwave art.

This well-thought unique gift does not have to display a song either, you can email the brand any personal recording and they will create your breath-taking customized gift.

Moreover, by pointing your mobile’s camera to the QR code, you will be able to listen to your audio! 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: BOND TOUCH/Amazon

Here is another great gift option for those having a long-distance relationship! As it takes two to bond this bracelet, it only works in pairs.

The bracelet mimics your touch with gentle vibrations so your lover can feel it. With its app, you can follow your partner’s status and get notified when you miss a touch.

This water-proof bracelet not only has a long-lasting battery but also a variety of different color options so you and your lover can enjoy a convenient piece of equipment while also keeping your style in the loop!

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Real Relax/Amazon

If you genuinely want to spoil your other half, this is might be the perfect way to get rid of all the tension you two have been struggling with since the corona outbreak.

With 8 massage rollers for neck, back, waist, and 50 airbags placed to shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, you can have a truly relaxing experience with this massage chair.

Additionally, its built-in waist heater will promote blood circulation and can help you relieve your back pain. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: N/P/Amazon

Let’s face it, engineers don’t have the healthiest of diets! You can help your loved one out and impress their colleagues with this cute waffle maker.

With this quality device, you and your partner can make delicious waffles in various shapes.

You could always buy this amazing device for your home and perhaps prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast for your loved one.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Bellabeat/Amazon


Blending romance with the future, this jewelry is the perfect gift for that special someone.

Your partner will never overlook their sleep patterns or daily stress levels ever again thanks to this smart jewelry.

They can track heart rates, sleeping routines, and other health issues. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Rocketbook/Amazon

Apart from being a well-thought gift option, this notebook can come quite handy especially for an environmentalist partner whose job requires much writing.

This 42-page notebook with 7 different page styles is great for planning, listing, goal setting, and more. What’s more, after you are finished with your job, you can scan the page using the app and it will beam your work into the cloud services you already use.

With this notebook in your reach, wasting paper will be out of the picture. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: SHARPER IMAGE/Amazon

You can tell the time in style with this clock. At first, it may appear a jumble of letters but when it lights up, words appear in a stylish way to tell the time.

With a simple and sleek design, this watch can be the perfect fit on any engineer’s desk.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Tzowla/Amazon

This backpack featuring a variety of tools can make life easier and it is a great gift option for students, office workers, or those traveling a lot.

Its suitcase strap can slide over the luggage tube for easier transport and its hidden theft-proof pocket sits up against the wearer’s body, thus making it difficult to steal personal items.

Thanks to its USB interface with a built-in cable design, you can charge your electronic devices via connecting your power bank or listen to music using the headphone interface.

Your hands will be free and devices will be safe when you have this bag on your back! 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Luna Bean/Amazon

You can create an ever-lasting memory with your partner with this hand casting kit!

Whether you hold hands or high five, the unique rubbery mold will allow you to preserve every detail and the final product will be one of a kind, treasured gift!

Including 1.5 lbs of Step 1 custom “Luna Bean” molding powder, 2.75 lbs of Step 2 premium strength casting stone, and a casting bucket approximately 8 inches in diameter, this high-quality casting kit is perfect for families who also want to see their baby’s hand in the mold. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Ember/Amazon

Engineers tend to forget about their surroundings once they are caught up with their overwhelming projects and it is not uncommon that the hot beverages get cold when they are in the zone.

If this sounds familiar, this beautifully designed ceramic mug might be a great gift option for that special engineer.

This mug keeps your hot drink at the exact temperature you desire and lets you enjoy your coffee or tea with an enhanced flavor.  

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: BRML/Amazon

If you have a special science enthusiast in your life who also loves plants, you can appreciate both qualities with just one gift.

Potted plants with soil are suspended in mid-air through magnetic suspension balance technology. You can manually adjust the rotation direction and the pot will rotate without any noise.

This simple and elegant looking pot is a great decor for any garden. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Wood Trick/Amazon

Coming in a sleek package, this treasure box shows what a great gift it can be to your treasure.

Including 259 pollutant-free wooden components, the kit comes with a step-by-step easy to follow assembly guide. DIY and puzzle fans will love this kit.

Moreover, once you are done with the assembly, you can create your own 3 digit combination!


Functionality comes first for an engineer. This multiple-use bracelet by Leatherman has 29 tools to tackle any task with a sleek design.

It’s a carbide glass breaker, bottle opener, oxygen tank wrench, screwdriver, and everything more.

Your Valentine will look classy and get every job done easily with this amazing gift.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Cooluli/Amazon

If you have finally found that special someone who enjoys having a cold drink while working or on the go, this mini cooler might be a great gift option for them!

Apart from food and drinks, this piece of equipment is also a great way to store beauty products and cosmetics.

With only 28dB, this quiet cooler is also quite energy-efficient thanks to its EcoMax technology.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Binchil/Amazon

This laptop shaped mirror can be a nice gift option for that special someone who likes computers as well as putting on makeup.

Its folding design and compact size make this a convenient piece of equipment while its design makes it a great conversation starter.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Areaware/Amazon


In a perfect world, no one would bat an eye if your loved one had a transformer on their desk.

Until such time, get them these awesome transforming wooden blocks. Cubebot is a far cry from your run-of-the-mill plastic and battery-powered robot, and it looks great too.

Designed by David Weeks and inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, they are made in China. It’s impossible to resist them, so maybe, you should buy one for yourself too.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Groove Plus Life/Amazon


No more sweaty fingers with this Groove Life silicone ring. 

This Valentine’s Day gift is certainly pretty useful. If you are looking for something a little different for your other half, this breathable ring is worth considering. It’s compact, small, and ultra-realistic. Just perfect for that special engineer in your life.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Tri-Vise/Amazon


For those who enjoy doing projects around the house, this mobile sawhorse is the best assistant.

If your loved one is interested in construction and maintenance, this portable sawhorse is a game-changer for their DIY projects when you are away from home. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: GOXAWEE/Amazon


Now, this is a suitable gift idea for your DIY-enthusiast valentine. It’s perfect for polishing, grinding, drilling, cutting, and shaping. This kit allows you to build a robot, or make different wood crafts.

Whether your loved one is obsessed with new DIY projects, or they just like to repair things in their garage, this tool kit includes everything they might ever need. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: PERPLEXUS/Amazon


Married to, dating, or interested in a diehard Star Wars fan? Get them this incredible 3-D game.

This gift lets your loved one navigate their X-Wing through the treacherous tunnels of the Death Star to victory.

This is an amazing and fun game. They’ll need to think fast, twist, turn, and maneuver with grace to save the galaxy!

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Tile/Amazon


Engineers have a lot of tools they carry in their bags, so they are prone to forgetting things at home.

To prevent this problem, Tile keeps you aware of your wallet, keys, passport, and other essentials. Thanks to this tracker, they won’t have to worry about their personal items. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: ROKR/Amazon


You can bring them back to their childhood with this wooden puzzle. Science, technology, and creativity are mixed in this interesting wooden puzzle.

If your partner likes to create new things and build unique structures, this 3-D wooden puzzle is the best gift for them. The design is inspired by real-life mechanisms, which is both educational and exciting. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: MoMa/Amazon


Never buy a calendar again with this stylish and practical Valentine’s Day gift! This calendar tells the month and day no matter what year it is, and it will look absolutely awesome in their office.

These small editions were created for the calendar’s 10th anniversary.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: F Flammi/Amazon

Is your better-half tired of their old-fashioned shoelaces? You can make them try something new by buying these awesome LED shoelaces.

They can choose from seven different colors and wear them anywhere. These beauties are weatherproof too. The best thing is that they glow for 55 hours on one battery.

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Sheffield/Amazon


Every engineer would trade a precious belonging for this multiple hammer tool, we believe. The multi-tool hammer includes 14 survival tools in one design, ranging from regular pliers to screwdrivers.

Thanks to this portable tool, they won’t need to carry a big backpack on their next trip.

It’s perfect to use around the house and in emergency situations. 

27 Practical Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Engineers
Source: Tesla Coil Lighters/Amazon


Our last suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift is this absolutely stunning piece. This is simply the coolest way to ignite anything.

With the press of a button, this lighter creates a dual electric arc that, frankly, will impress anyone.

The device is flameless, rechargeable, windproof, and just frigging awesome. We wonder if you can carry this on a plane? Probably not.

It’s the end of our selection of some great gifts for your consideration. Stay tuned for more ideas to come!

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