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New Year’s Day is a special day at the best of times unless of course, you’ve had a particularly heavy night before. Whether they are hungover or not, why not lift their spirits with one of these great New Year gift ideas for your friends and family. You are almost to the finish line. Christmas is almost here and New Year’s is on the horizon. However, are you ready for the festivities of New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s usually serves as Christmas-lite but with much more alcohol and the needed ability to stay up past midnight.

Whether you are throwing your own party or attending an event which is quite difficult “thanks to” this year’s events, it is always good to get a few small gifts for your closest friends to help encourage them as they take their next steps into the upcoming 2021.

New Year’s Eve represents a fresh slate, a new beginning for those who participate in the holiday festivities, and getting the right gift can be tricky.  You are probably are all shopped-out from Christmas and do not want to deal with any more of the holiday rush.  If you are looking for various gift options without a hassle, be sure to check our list!


Scroll down for items that will pave the way for a smooth transition to the new year! 

Source: John Austin/Amazon

Here’s a great little New Year’s gift for the mechanical engineer or military connoisseur in your life. This book contains plans to build over 35 miniature weapons of war from everyday items.

Written by John Austin, the book contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions, construction material suggestions, and ammo lists for each weapon. It also makes suggestions for making targets.

The book is both fun and educational in equal measures. It is bound to make them smile as they unwrap it on New Year’s Day.

It includes plans for building machines like catapults, mini-bombs, slingshots, darts, and many others. It was chosen by PopularMechanics as one of the best DIY and Home Improvement books of 2009.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: K’NEX Education/Amazon

 Whilst a little pricier than other present suggestions on our list, this is definitely an awesome gift idea. This amazing K’Nex kit contains over 2,200 pieces and has instructions to build over 7 real-world bridges from around the world.

You can assemble, for example, the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

Not only will that special engineer in your life have fun assembling the models, but they will have something they can proudly display anywhere in the house.

Obviously, cleaning and dusting the model might become a little tiresome after a while. But that’s a small price to pay for such an awesome present.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Labyrinth Design Store Barcelone/Amazon

 If you are looking for a more unique gift idea for your engineer on New Year’s, you might want to consider this one. Each pack comes with a set of 5 wooden pallet coasters that are actually made of wood.

Each coaster is a realistic 1:10 scale replica of real wooden Euro pallets. These make for a perfect novelty present for anyone even remotely interested in engineering.

These coasters are simply perfect and will make a very nice addition to their home. Not only that, they will certainly make for some interesting conversation starters in the future.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: History Channel/Amazon

 Modern Marvels: The Best of Modern Marvels DVD set might just be the best present that a special engineer in your life will ever receive. Although it is a little pricey, it’s a gift they can use for life.

The box set contains 14 DVD’s containing 45 of the most popular episodes from this highly acclaimed series. This will keep them immersed in the wonders of engineering for literally hours on end.

Lucky them.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: ELEGOO/Amazon

 ELEGOO is great and everything, but with a gift like this, recipients really get to unleash their creative side. This is a uniquely designed toy that provides enormous programming, electronics assembling, and robotics knowledge.

It is recommended for anyone between the ages of 8 to 15, but that doesn’t mean adults won’t enjoy it equally as much. The kit is designed primarily to let the user build their own cars, rather than follow step-by-step instructions.

This kit will keep them busy for hours on end and is great fun for kids and parents alike. Why not give the gift of innovation this New Year’s day?

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: 4M/Amazon

 If you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to consider this cool gadget. Made by 4M, this kit turns any old used soda can into a brilliant cable car toy.

This would be a perfect gift for any engineer and the kit includes all necessary pieces necessary – except for the can of course. It includes full step-by-step instructions and does need 2 AAA batteries to work.

It also needs a screwdriver for assembly, but they should have plenty of those lying around.

Who knows, they could even customize it to deliver drinks to them without needing to get out of their seat. Just a thought.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Sipoe/Amazon

Engineers love gadgets, but when they are actually useful they are bound to fall in love with them. This flameless, windproof, USB rechargeable double ARC electric lighter is just such an item.

It has a unique patented design and is made from high-quality frosted materials. It looks very sleek and can be used like a traditional lighter but without the limitations of them.

Forget getting them an engraved Zippo, this lighter never needs to be refilled with fuel and will last for a long time. It is perfect as a lighter for many applications from BBQs to campfires to simply lighting candles or, dare we say, tobacco products.

It comes with all the accessories you’ll need in a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing gift box and a 12-month warranty.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Dowellife/Amazon

Is that engineer in your life a little clumsy in the kitchen? Perhaps they have a tendency to cut themselves a lot in general?

Then it might be a good idea to buy them these cut-resistant gloves. These gloves look the part, are incredibly strong and are even FDA compliant.

They are made from high-performance cut resistant material HDPE have even been awarded the highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance certification. The gloves are also light and comfortable to wear and are easily cleaned.

Now they have no more excuses for not helping out whilst cooking. These would be especially useful, not just for chopping, but also for fearless use of graters for cheese and other foodstuffs.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Wrenchware/Amazon

 Here’s another fantastic novelty gift idea for an engineer on New Year’s Day. This Tire-themed snack or breakfast bowl looks the part and even comes with a hubcap lid.

This gift would be ideal for a mechanical engineer in your life. Be mindful that the bowl is not very big, but it is ideal for things like breakfast cereals or other snacks.

The lid also doesn’t form an airtight seal and is purely for decorative purposes. That being said it looks great and is very well made according to reviews.

You might also consider getting this for Christmas too. It would make a great little stocking filler.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Casio/Amazon

 There’s nothing like something retro to bring a smile to an engineer’s face. This is where an ‘old school’ calculator watch would make a great functional gift for New Year’s.

You could really go all out and buy an old second-hand one but if you prefer a new one you might consider a Casio CA53W-1 Calculator Watch.

It comes with various functions including an 8-digit calculator (capable of subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division), stopwatch, and auto-calender.

Like all good retro-watches, it also has a dual time feature, alarm function and is also water-resistant. That special engineer in your life will love you forever with this one.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Hyperkin/Amazon

 This gift is ideal for any engineer who was a child of the 90s. With this portable SNES console, they can dig out their old SNES games and play them anywhere at any time.

The console is designed to replicate the shape of the classic SNES controller but it does come with ports to plug in any old ones they might have ‘lying around’. It also has an AV-out port to let two-players face-off with each other on a regular TV.

Whilst it’s not the cheapest gift on our list, you might consider this as a joint New Year’s and Christmas present.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Jabra/Amazon

Wired headphones are so in the past. Whether it is for you or a friend, these Wireless Alexa Friendly Earbuds are perfect for those who appreciate music and cool technology. These earbuds give users the ability to customize their sound experience, and if you need a little help finding the perfect song, Alexa is built into the earbuds to help you out.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Coredy/Amazon

 Maybe you have a mate who has an apartment that is a little more on the messy side? Try getting them the Coredy Robot Vacuum.

This robotic vacuum can operate on its own or controlled by using its remote. Powerful and user-friendly, get this for a friend who needs that subtle hint.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Tile/Amazon

How many times a day do you lose your keys somewhere within your home? The Tile-Mate Key Finder is here to help.

This simple small device can be attached to your keys and used to locate the missing item. The device connects to your smartphone, allowing you to call the device, locate it, and carry on with your day.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Voltaic/Amazon

Do you have a friend who always needs to charge their electronic devices?

This one is for you. The Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack is a solar collecting backpack that stores energy throughout the day through the solar panels installed on the front of the bag.

The backpack can charge your phone in under an hour and your laptop in a couple of hours.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Logitech/Amazon

Keyboards are some of the dirtiest pieces that could suck all the dust in, especially for those who use laptops for hours on end. This Logitech Washable Keyboard allows you to run water over the device so that you can keep it clean after extended use.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Meccano/Amazon

If your child is a fan of construction and its vehicles, this truck model might be the perfect option to make their day.

With real tools included, builders can get to work with metal nuts and bolts, for an authentic construction experience. The Meccano Erector Truck Toy is an excellent toy option for younger audiences. Young tech fans will indeed not get enough of it.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Kislio/Amazon

This outfit is great to get in the New Year’s Eve mood. The party outfit comes with a bodysuit, a bow, and a matching tutu. You can buy each piece separately, nevertheless, your little one is sure to be the most fashionable person in 2021.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: HB Design Co./Amazon

This gift is perfect for the wine enthusiast looking to display or organize their bottles. Whether you have tons of wine or are looking to expand your wine collection, the Echelon 6-Bottle Modular Wine Rack Kit is here to help you organize your bottles in an elegant and efficient way.

21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: COOSA/Amazon

The COOSA 3D Effect Starburst Fireworks Electric Oil Warmer looks like fireworks in a glass, staying true to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

A popular item, this diffuser allows you to fill your home with exotic scents from heated waxes and oils.


21 Best Gift Ideas To Share With Your Loved Ones in 2021
Source: Loungefly/Amazon

This gift is perfect for the Spiderman enthusiasts out there. This officially licensed Captain Marvel bag is as cool as it is functional. The bag itself has tons of space to give you easy access to any other Marvel-related items you may have on you.  

What do you like to do for New Year’s Eve? Leave your comment below. Happy New Year’s!

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