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Space Miners Want to Blow Up the Moon’s Surface to Harvest Water

We already use rockets to reach the moon, but soon we may use them to mine it for water. Three companies, including Lunar Outpost, Honeybee Robotics, and Masten Space Systems, are developing a novel system aimed at mining water ice from the moon with rockets, according to a blog post shared on Masten’s official website. […]

Israel Just Used Fully AI Controlled Drone Swarms in a World First

In July 2019, unidentified drones swarmed the US Navy destroyers, triggering an alert. In May of 2021, Israel allowed the use of drone swarms to locate, identify, and attack Hamas militants, in what is likely the first-ever use of drone swarms in combat. Last month,...
Manage All Types of Integration Projects

Manage All Types of Integration Projects

In today’s dynamic environment, businesses require various software and data resources to execute their business processes. To deal with these enormous data flows, many automated tools available as a hosted service called integration platform are available as...