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With Father’s Day approaching, you might be looking through the internet and store catalogs to find a suitable gift for your dad. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging since, as with mothers, there is all kind of fathers out there. Some like DIY projects, some like cooking, some spend their entire day doing garage work, and some like to manage their smart home.

If your dad is into tech and new gadgets, there’s a lot of choices out there for him. From a wireless charger stand to charge his phone to a smartwatch to keep him connected with the world, there are a million possibilities to choose from.

You can find everything from VR headsets to DIY gadgets in this Father’s Day gift list. 


Source: Apple/Amazon

A smartwatch that can do anything for fathers who love to stay connected with the world. Apple Watch monitors heart-rate, tracks fitness habits, and does much more. It motivates you to move, plays your favorite songs, and has a great sense of direction. 

It is the smartest watch he can ever own!

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: MiOYOOW/Amazon

Radios are part of our history, especially our parents’. With this DIY radio kit, you will be giving your father a nostalgic present while he can also enjoy some quality DIY time, building his own radio. 

Once assembled, it becomes an FM auto scan radio (76-108MHz) with 5W 8ohm speaker, headphone jack. It supports automatic search radio station and radio station memory function.

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Victorinox/Amazon

Victorinox Fieldmaster is a very compact multi-tool knife that is easy to handle. It will make a pleasant gift for your father, who can use its 15 functions in any situation that Fieldmaster can come in handy. 

It has 15 functions thanks to the two blades, Phillips Screwdrivers in different sizes, scissors, a bottle opener, wood saw, multi-purpose hook, wire stripper, reamer, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, and a can opener. 


19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Google/Amazon

You can help your father control the bills by saving energy with the Google Nest thermostat. 

It learns the temperature and creates a schedule for you even after you leave the house. You can change the temperature remotely when you’re away. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Playstation/Amazon

Let your father discover a new world by experiencing virtual reality. For fathers who love to have fun, Playstation VR brings new challenges to your home. 

It will be a little difficult to get your father back to the real world after meeting the world of immersive games.

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Anker/Amazon

Here is a way to reclaim your father, who is always inaccessible because of having a low battery. This wireless charger works at high speed, and it is case-friendly.

Plus, he can flip his phone and use it while the charging process continues. It is compatible with Iphone, Samsung S and Note series, alongside many others. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Sonos/Amazon

For fathers who enjoy the music at the peaks, we have a multiroom wireless speaker by Somos.

You’ll experience crystal clear sound with Sonos. It fits about any space, and it’s compatible with Alexa, so your father can listen to music hands-free. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: eero/Amazon

The whole WiFi system with one eero Pro and two eero Beacons, it’s 2nd generation so that with the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology. 

It comes with two eero Beacons which can be plugged into a wall outlet to add 1,500 square feet of coverage. Your father will be able to play, stream, and work, even from the backyard. Eero will take care of it!


19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Ninja/Amazon

Good coffee is how you start the day off right. If your dad is an early-bird, he will most definitely appreciate this coffee maker. 

No matter what coffee he likes, Ninja Coffee Maker makes every coffee taste delicious. It has six brew sizes and four different brew types. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Sony/Amazon

If your father wants to take the amateur photos he takes from his phone to the next level, give him an unforgettable gift: Sony Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Even in fast action, it never misses the moment thanks to its autofocus ability and high-quality 24-megapixel sensor. He can get great quality photos at any time of the day. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: DJI/Amazon

If your father’s perception of toys is a little different, how about buying a “toy” that he can control with his hand gestures?

DJI Mavic Mini captures moments effortlessly. It’s basically as small as the regular smartphone which means it is perfectly portable and lightweight.

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: The Ridge/Amazon

A minimalist wallet where he can carry everything he needs. It’s sleek, small, and durable. 

With this small but practical gift, you can save your father from sitting on his wallet all the time. He can also protect his cards and information thanks to the RFID-blocking inner plates.

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Sennheise/Amazon

If your father still does not have wireless earbuds in a world where everything is wireless, here is the ideal gift for him.

He can turn off all the noise around him and only hear the sound of the deep bass. With 7-hour battery life, he will be able to enjoy uninterrupted music. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Nixplay/Amazon

If you live far from your father or if you cannot meet him on Father’s Day due to quarantine this year, send him your best memories together with this digital picture frame. 

You can transfer photos from your smartphone to this frame with the Nixplay App. It’s also wall-mountable. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Google/Amazon

This is for fathers who want to make their family feel safer. While he might be the protector of your house, he’ll need an assistant to see what’s going on in your house when he’s not around.

Nest Cam Indoor security camera detects any sound or suspicious activity and alerts you. You can get a 24/7 live stream video in full 1080p HD, even in the darkest conditions.

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Audio-Technica/Amazon

It’s time to make your retro-lover dad happy. If your dad collects records of his favorite bands, Audio-Technica will let him listen to them endlessly.

You can connect it to a computer via the USB output. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: gosund/Amazon

Seeing that you can turn on and off the lights via command, your father will be amazed by this level of technology. Regardless of where he is, he will be able to manage any electronic device with this smart plug remotely.

Preset schedules to turn devices on/off, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee when you come back home. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Sony/Amazon

Let your dad feel the sound deeper and better! If earbuds are too technological for your dad, try a classic but sophisticated headset. 

No matter where he is, he’ll be able to listen to podcasts and songs, without being disturbed by the background noise. He can also use this headset while working from home. 

19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Redragon/Amazon

Who claimed that fathers cannot be gamers? If your father is a PC game-addict, then he’ll fall in love with this programmable gaming mouse. 

No matter the sensitivity you set the mouse to, you’ll get exceptional tracking accuracy and consistent responsiveness. Plus the cool RGB colors that will look great when its dark. 

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